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Top 9 Back to School Superhero Style


Going back to school includes lots of things. You need school supplies, clothes, backpacks, and more to be at your best that first day of class. If you want to make a statement though, be sure to pick up some superhero inspired gear. There is a ton of great superhero stuff for just about every character out there, so be sure to find that perfect thing that shouts you love superheroes.

1. Clothing

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What superhero fan would be complete without some cool superhero clothing? There are some great apparel items out there from the vintage looking Superman T-Shirt that I saw at Target for $10 and this Batman T-Shirt. My personal favorite is Purehero though as they have some sweet shirts. Check out their Performance Crews and BMX Jerseys. They are high quality and high style.

2. Lunchboxes

The classic lunch pail is a great way to show your comic book colors. You can even find the comic lunch box you had as a kid through many vintage outlet retailers and through places like Ebay. But if you want the latest thing then never fear! There are many different kinds of lunchboxes to choose from. Lunchboxes.com has a ton of superhero lunchboxes to choose from like Hellboy, Sin City, Wonder Woman, and Daredevil.

3. Coffee Cup

Getting up for school is hard work! You need that extra bit of energy to get going and many people do that with a nice cup of coffee. What do you need to hold that coffee in? A cool new superhero coffee mug. Wicked Cool Stuff.com has some great standard superhero coffee cups. Or better yet, design your own coffee cup with sites like Cafepress. All you need is an image and they will add it to your coffee mug, coaster, or just about anything else. You can get their large mug for about $17.

4. Jewelry/Accessories

If you are interested in adding some superhero bling to your wardrobe then you might check out some this Superman Returns ring and necklace from WB.com or how about a cool superhero belt buckle like this Batman belt buckle or even this Punisher belt buckle. Sometimes less is more.

5. Comics

Every good comic book lover needs some new comics during those boring lectures or times at recess. Get a subscription today on your latest titles from the publisher or your local comic book shop. You never know when you’ll have some spare time to get in a good read.

6. Watches

Keep the time and show your colors with a superhero watch. You can get the classic plastic ones, but if you really want to show you are a superhero fan, then you might get something a bit classier like this Batman watch. Or you can go vintage with this Hulk and Spider-Man watches.

7. Pencils

When you are in school, you’re going to need to do some writing, and what better way to take notes than with a superhero pencil? Most department stores will have some selection of character pencils so just check or ask around. When you have your pencils though, be sure to put them in a stylish superhero pencil case. There are many to choose from, you just need to look around. Here is a Spider-Man and Superman pencil case.


9. Pins

Add a superhero pin to your backpack or coat and you’ll be stylin. Ebay is a great place to find just the right pin you are looking for. If you are really serious though, you can go for a classic pin such as this classic U.S. Jones Cadet pin that sold at auction for almost $7000. Don’t know if you’d want to put that on your coat though.

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