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Stumptown Comics Fest Picture Gallery 2008


The Stumptown Comics Fest is in its fifth year and is bigger and better than ever. Tons of indy exhibitor tables, publishers from all over, big name guests, panels, games, parties, and all of this in what is becoming one of comics capitols, Portland, Oregon. Portland is a fairly inexpensive town and has a rich history of art and culture, making it a great place for comic creators to congregate to, and congregate they have. The list of who lives and works in this town continues to grow and it has a very strong indy comic and zine scene which is where Stumptown grew out of. Take a look at some of the action that went down at the Stumptown Comics Fest.
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Steve Lieber and Sarah RyanDylan MecnoisColleen Coover and Paul TobinBrett Warnock of Top Shelf Comix
Jim and Aaron ValentinoLarry MarderScott Allie - Editor and Writer at Dark HorseDave Stewart
Todd HermanBrian Michael Bendis PanelBrian Michael BendisSmall Comics Business Panel

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