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Stumptown Comic's Fest 2008 Comic Art Sketch Battle

Print VS Web


This year's Comic Art Battle was held at Portland's own Cosmic Monkey Comics, and hosted by Periscope Studio's own Jeff Parker. The contestants? Print cartoonists verses web cartoonists.

Representing the Print Team was Corey Lewis, Carla Speed McNeil, Paul Guinan, and a last minute artist. Hosting for the Web Team was Dylan Meconis, Barry Deutsch, Bill Mudron and Christopher Baldwin.

This long standing rivalry between the two camps came to a head as the two teams squared off in what was to be a grudge match that would be told over and over until the end of time. Okay, maybe it wasn't on such a grand scale, but the energy was definitely high and the crowd was ready for a battle. The cartoonists all raised their pens and duked it out for the pride of being this years Sketch Battle Champions.

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Cosmic MonkeyP, B, and JCandy IslandGuest DJ Jason Levian
Web Comics TeamPrint Comics TeamPrint Coach Steve LieberDylan Meconis VS Paul Guinan
Round 1 Web TeamRound 1 Print TeamRound 1 WinnerParker Wants To Hear You!
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