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How To Make Quick Cash Selling Comic Books


Everyone needs to make money nowadays. In comic books and the collectible market, there are lots of ways to make some quick cash. Collectors are an unusual breed that got to have it now, have the best, and get it quick. If you play your cards right then you can earn yourself some nice chasola that will enable you to go out and make more. As long as you keep things legal and above board, then you will be fine in the long run. Be warned, just about all of these require some prerequisite knowledge of the value of comic books and if you aren't careful, like the stock market, you can get burned.

1. Con-Exclusives

Wizard World
Many comic book conventions offer con-exclusive items that are only available at the con. Wizard World was offering alternative cover Walking Dead #1's which were selling for almost one hundred dollars shortly thereafter. You can make some nice cash and have fun at the con by scoping out the con-exclusive items and quickly selling them on eBay.

2. Garage Sales

Many garage sales have comic books and related items for sale. Do a quick perusal and go through the bins. Look for number ones and key issues in series to cherry pick. You will often get them at very reduced prices and be able to turn around and sell them online on a more competitive market.

3. Online Auctions

Surf online auction sites like eBay and you can find some tasty deals to turn around and resell. Look for recently listed Buy It Now items and see if anything is under priced to pick up. You can also check out regular auctions and put a low bid on them. You never know, as long as you stay at the low minimum price and don't get caught up in the rush of winning the auction, you will win items and be able to turn around and sell them for a better price.

4. Big Lots

Aaron Albert
While this isn't the quickest way to make a buck, you can often buy larger lots of comic books on eBay or Craigslist at a much lower rate than purchasing them individually. Don't ever forget to haggle and try to get a lower rate for the items you buy. You can then categorize them better and sell them individually or in lots to recoup your money and make a profit.

5. Graded Issues

DC Comics
The world of graded comic books is an interesting one. Certain comic books can sell for much more than they are worth with that independent grade. Most older Silver and Golden Age comic books are almost always graded by a company like CGC and sell better than those that are not. Graded copies take the guess work out of the transaction as people know exactly what they are going to get. Be careful, CGC graded copies can be quite expensive and if you are not careful can eat up all your profit.

6. Quick Flip of #1's or Key Issues

Copyright Marvel Comics
When Captain America #25 dropped, which was the death of that classic character, that issue was going for crazy amounts online. I saw prices of as much as four hundred dollars for a graded 9.8 copy. To me that is insane, but there are people that got to have it, have the best, and have it now. You can pick up a few extra copies and flip them for some quick dough. Be careful as only the most quickest sales do the best.

7. Ear To The Ground

In the end, just be aware and keep your eyes out for deals. If something catches your eye, stop and ask questions. The worse answer you could get is no, but you could be on the path to a great deal and some extra cash for you. I'd advise being careful and not ripping people off, as this can come back to bite you in the long run. Be honest and fair and you will be able to pick up some good deals that can end up in more cash in your pocket.
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