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How To Sell Your Comic Book Collection


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Where Should You Sell Your Comics?


There are many places one can sell a comic book collection. Some are much better than others.

Comic Store

This is perhaps the first place many people think of when they want to sell their comics. The problem with selling comic books to a local comic book store is that they need to make a profit on what they sell. They won’t be able to offer you what a comic book is worth because if they are not making a profit on what they buy, they will go out of business. If you need money quick though, they may be the place. Here is a comic shop locator that will help you find a comic shop near you.

Auction House

The auction house could be an option for some of you, but probably only if you have some of real value. They have to go through the hassle of promotion, advertising, and paying staff to sell the comics. Heritage Comics, Morphy Auctions, and Christies are all auction houses that specialize in rare large comic book collections.


The best place for the individual to sell is through an auction site, such as eBay. This gives you the control as to how and when you sell your comic book collection. All you need is an account with them and you’re good to go. Be careful though, as the more whistles you add to your auction, the more it costs. For more info, read an article on selling your comic book at auction.

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