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How To Sell Your Comic Book Collection


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Getting Started

So I have all these comic books, how do I sell them?

I receive many emails with this type of statement. It seems that many people want to sell their comic book collections. Some people get them through a friend or a relative that passed away, others just want to get rid of a collection that has just been collecting dust for many years, and then some just find a collection, maybe in the attic or when a renter has moved out. Most, if not all of these people have the same question. How do I sell all these comics?

First Steps

Know that selling a comic collection will take some time. Once prepared you must remember there are two things you must do first before selling to make sure you get as much as possible for your collection. The first is to know the grade of your comics and the second is to know the value.


The grade is the condition the comic books are in. Comic books are ranked from Mint Condition to Poor Condition and many levels in between. The better the comics condition, the more it is worth. Be sure to check out the article, “How To Grade Your Comics.”


The second step is to determine the estimated value of your comics. This takes many factors into account, such as the grade, as mentioned before, the rarity, age, and appeal of the comic book. Be sure to check out the article, “What Is My Comic Worth?”

Next Up

Once you know the grade and value of your comics, you can then start the process of selling!
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