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How To Submit Your Comic To Be Distributed Through Diamond

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How To Submit Your Comic To Be Distributed Through Diamond

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How To Submit Your Comic To Be Distributed Through Diamond


For those out there that want to publish their own comic books, Diamond Distributors is pretty much the only shop in town to distribute them. If you are looking to control your own comics publishing schedule, don’t want to go through another publisher like Image, Top Shelf, or SLG, and you want your comic to be on shelves throughout the country, then Diamond is the main way to do this. They are the largest distributor of comic books in the country and have a firm hold on the comic distribution market.

Things You Need To Know:

  1. You don’t get cover price – When you submit a comic to Diamond, you are selling it to them for them to resell to comic stores. They buy the comic from you for 60%-70% off of cover price. So that means on a $2.99 comic you will make around 90 cents to $1.20 per comic.
  2. You only need one comic done to submit it to Diamond – You don’t need to have multiple comics in the can (although this can help to keep things on time down the road). Diamond only needs the first issue, fully completed with cover, to submit it to Diamond.
  3. You have to ship it to Diamond at your expense – When your comic is ready, you have to ship it to Diamond for distribution. It is up to you to pay for shipping to get it to them.
  4. You will have to put money up front – Diamond’s contract states that they have up to 30 days to pay you after they receive the comics to distribute. This is known as Net 30. They also have an option to pay 2% less if they pay sooner. This means that you will have to pay to have it printed before you send it out, unless you have a special deal with your printer. Not to mention the cost of putting the comic together in the first place.
  5. You need more than a comic – A good submission to Diamond will have many different aspects covered. In addition to the comic, you will need to have promotional artwork and material, press releases, contact information, and a business plan together to make a good first impression.
  6. You need solid orders - Diamond has a minimum order policy. It is $2500 per comic, for new listings and reorders. If orders from comic shops do not total that $2500 of wholesale cost, they will not ship that comic...which means Diamond won't be sending you any money.

Things Needed To Submit To Diamond:

  1. A finished comic – You need to have a completed comic with cover to submit to Diamond. Don’t worry about printing thousands of copies yet, you only need one, and it better be good. If it is a color comic, it would be in your best interest to submit a color copy.
  2. Fill out a product information form – You need to have one sheet that has all the basic information about your comic such as the title, names of creators, a synopsis, the intended audience, retail price, and other key information. More details can be found at Diamond’s product information section.
  3. Write a cover letter – Be professional, but sell yourself. Include your contact information and do yourself a favor and edit and proofread it, then have someone else edit and proofread it, then edit it again, then have 2-3 more people edit and proofread it, and then edit and proofread it one last time. Did I mention to edit and proofread it?
  4. Send it in – Send in your fully completed submission packet to Diamond at:

    Diamond Comic Distributors
    Attn: Submissions Coordinator
    1966 Greenspring Drive, Suite 300
    Timonium, MD 21093

What Happens Next?

When you submit your comic to Diamond, it goes to a review board of five people plus the editor of Previews – the Diamond catalog. It will take two to four weeks to get a response back. Be patient and don’t harass them. After all, they hold the key to the future of your comic book!

Not Covered Here?

Be sure to check the submission page at Diamond Comic Distributors.
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