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Comixology has come a long way in the few short years of its existence. It has a huge stable of comic book publishers, including Marvel and DC, giving it a lot of power in the digital comic book market. Most of the apps for digital devices by publishers utilize Comixology software and it is no surprise that many more are continuing this trend.


You purchase comics just like you would your normal comic shop. Most titles are $1.99, but they do have some free comics and some comics are priced at $2.99 or more. They also have a wide variety of $.99 titles.


Comixology is available through various media platforms.
  • Desktop/laptop computer – Mac or Windows – via the main Comixology website.
  • Apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad – synched with your account on the Comixology site.
  • Beta app for Android phones.

Publishers Represented:

DC Comics
Image Comics
Archie Comics
BOOM! Studios
Dark Horse Comics
Dynamite Entertainment
Red 5 Comics
Top Cow Productions
Devil’s Due Entertainment
Plus many more…


  • You can view your Comixology purchases through many different media devices with each being synched to your main Comixology account.
  • They boast a catalogue of over 5000 titles.
  • Over three hundred free comics.
  • The main site has more to offer than just comics with an impressive pool of columns, a podcast, and group discussion area.


  • You must use a Comixology account to view and purchase comics.
  • You must have online access to view your comics.
  • You can only view what has been downloaded. Slow connections can take some time to fully download.
  • You cannot save a copy to your computer to view offline.
  • Your access to newer comics may be limited depending on publisher.



The company known as Comixology was started in 2007 when David Steinberger (now CEO) and some others entered a contest through the Stern School of Business. Their plan won them a few thousand dollars and that became the seed money to launch Comixology.com. Steinberger brought in John Roberts, now CTO, to aide in the launch and partner with him as Roberts was working on a pull list concept to help comic book fans organize their comic book purchases.
Their first application was the Comixoloy.com website that had the pull list feature and was a community based website where fans could talk about their favorite comic books. This led into their first major application that coupled with the pull list feature and allowed fans to partner with their local comic shops and have their pull lists sent to their brick and mortar shop for pick up.

Next up was a retailer tool that launched in 2009 and allowed retailers to peruse previews of comic books to help build sales for retailers. The free program offers things like a cover gallery tool that showcases the entire Diamond Comics catalog and allows fans to put together an order of upcoming issues. It shows the cover of the comic and pertinent information needed for the order. All the retailer needs to do is to create an account with Comixology, put together what they want to show, and insert some basic code into their website.

This then led into an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. This app allowed users to purchase comic books and view them with a Flash player. Users could create pull lists and browse the Comixology store just like they would a brick and mortar one. They also added a feature where if users wanted the print option, they can click a link that will show them local stores in the area in which they can purchase said comics. Since the launch, they have added thirty five different publishers with over five thousand comic books online. Their app hit the big time when they partnered with both Marvel and DC to sell their comic books digitally.

One of their latest endeavors is a web based application that ties in the apps for the Apple products and allows people who don’t own an Apple device to experience digital comic books. Their web based application works just like the app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Users create an account, peruse comic books, purchase them online and view them on their desktop or laptop computer. If you purchase a comic using your Comixology account, then you will be able to view them on any device that can run the Comixology software.

With the addition of Marvel, DC, Image, and Dark Horse comic books, Comixology has solidified themselves as the number one digital comic book seller on the web.

Final Tip:

Be sure to check out the free comics offered by Comixology. They have over three hundred free comic books that you can read and not pay a dime!

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