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Kurt Busiek Interview

Trinity #1

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Kurt Busiek is the head writer of the latest DC Comics weekly series, Trinity. The book focuses on the three heavy hitters from the DC Universe - Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. This year long series will feature a 12 page lead story written by Kurt Busiek, with a following backup series penned by Fabian Nicieza and art by Art Thibert and various artists.

I was first introduced to Kurt's work when I read some of the Astro City series, which is still some of my favorite comic storylines. I got the chance to interview Kurt via email about Trinity, Astro City, and life after a year-long weekly event.

Aaron Albert: I’ve seen that Trinity will be its own contained storyline, meaning it won’t be a part of a larger crossover. Was this a conscious decision?

Kurt Busiek: Yes. 52 was connected to INFINITE CRISIS, and COUNTDOWN was connected to FINAL CRISIS, and we figured, with FINAL CRISIS actually going on, it was time to do a weekly event that was more self-contained, that set out to be its own big event rather than "the spine of the DCU" or a tie-in to big events elsewhere. Both of those are interesting ideas worth playing with, but they're not the only way to go. So this year, if you want tie-ins, there's plenty of them in DC's Final Crisis event, and if you want something that stands on its own but is still a big event, we're kind of a Crossover In A Box™. Big, sprawling and eventful, but all in one book.

I don’t remember seeing a comic that grouped Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together in this way (correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m sure you can! – JLA doesn’t count.) why do you think it has taken this long to get the focus on these three heroes like this?

There was Matt Wagner's TRINITY mini-series, of course, from a number of years back. And there've been occasional projects that star Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, like Keith Giffen's FOUR HORSEMEN project. But there's never been a project this big in scope that focused on the three of them as a group. It's always been one or two of them, or the whole JLA.

As for why it's taken this long, I wouldn't know. I'm kinda glad of it, though, because it means we get to do something with DC's biggest, best-known heroes, and yet it still feels like we're doing something that hasn't been done before.

Is there anything you can tease as to the overarching story?

Hmm, let's see. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman find themselves under attack by a trinity of villains -- and they're under attack because they're a trinity, and because that means more than just "hey, there's three of them." Trinities have symbolic, iconic, and metaphysical power, and this particular heroic trinity's power is key to their world, their universe and even more. So with a group of villains out to break them as a trinity and usurp their power, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have to find out who's doing it, why, and why and how their status as a trinity is so important.

And this kicks off a big, sprawling adventure with the JLA, the Outsiders, the Titans, the return of Gangbuster, Hawkman, John Stewart, new heroes, new villains, the Major Arcana of the Tarot, the Gotham Underground on the move, threats from other worlds, threats from outer space, threats from other dimensions, the ghost of a castle, bizarre new creations, gods, the return of a cosmic menace, the importance of Lois Lane's PDA, a Jimmy Olsen who really should die, Max Lord's skull, a new identity for Supergirl, new and unwelcome powers for a Green Lantern, and brunch in Keystone City. And more!

What kind of themes will we see played out in Trinity?

I'd rather let readers see them play out and discover them that way than spell it all out ahead of time.

What have you enjoyed about being able to play with the three largest characters in the DC Universe?

What's not to like? They're great characters, and they play well off each other. They bring with them rich casts, rich settings, connections throughout the DC Universe, and lots more. And since we're getting to do a story specifically about who they are to each other and the world, and what they mean as a trio, we get to do stuff that can't really be done in their solo books (where one of them would be the star) or in JLA (where there are other characters that should get their turn in the spotlight). This can be all about the three of them and their place in the wider DCU -- which in turn lets us use tons of other characters, as we see how the DCU is affected by them, and how they're affected by it -- and it all makes for a pretty cool adventure, I think.

Which of the three characters do you feel the most affinity for? Why?

Superman's the one I've written most often, so I'm comfortable writing him. Batman I've only rarely gotten to write, but I'm having a blast -- he can communicate more with a dirty look than other characters can with a full-on monologue. And Wonder Woman...well, she's the one who's changed the most, over the years, and this is my first real crack at writing Wonder Woman the way she is today, and I think she's a tremendously exciting character -- it's been great to be able to talk things over with Gail Simone, and discover that we're very much on the same page with Diana, and want to take things in pretty much the same direction.

That doesn't really answer your question, but the answer -- I like all three, and am really enjoying writing each other them for different reasons. Plus, the book is so much about the relationships between them that it's hard to view any one of them in a vacuum. The main character in this book is all three of them at once, and I'm having a great time with that.

Are there any other DC characters that you're excited to bring into Trinity?

You bet. So far, we've introduced at least two new characters, Konvikt and Tarot, and they both have big roles to play. And in the back chapters, we've been able to focus on John Stewart, on Hawkman, on Gangbuster and others. You'll see a lot of characters get their turn, and we're pretty excited about getting to use as much of the DCU as we're using.

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