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Definition: This term has become more and more used in the world of comic books. A retcon is when a later writer changes the history of a comic book to accommodate their own storyline. The more comic books continue, especially in the case of Marvel and DC, the more history current writers have to wade through. Many feel that it is easier to change the continuity than to have to deal with it.

One famous, or infamous depending on your view, example of a retcon was when it was revealed that Norman Osborn was the father of Gwen Stacy's babies. When Gwen Stacy went to Europe after her father's death, it was revealed that she had been romanced by Norman in a moment of weakness. She gave birth to twins and wanted Peter to help raise them, but Norman found out and it was this that drove him to kidnap and kill her.

Sometimes the retcon will come under much fan scrutiny and more and more loopholes will be discovered in the retcon. That is one of the dangers with changing comic book history.

Pronunciation: ret'kon
Also Known As: Retroactive Continuity, retconning
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