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Marvel Method Definition


Marvel Method Definition

Amazing Fantasy #15

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Definition: Most comic books today follow a rather simple formula. The writer writes the script of the comic book and the artist interprets that script and creates the panels and comic book pages. Then the inker, letterer, and colorist take over and finish the artwork for publication. Most every publisher utilizes this form of creator collaboration and employ editors to oversee and coordinate the process.

During the 1960’s, editor and writer Stan Lee of Marvel Comics came up with a way to make the process of creating comics faster. Essentially, Stan Lee would talk over the comic with the artist and create a rough outline of the plot and story. The artist would then take over and fully create the comic pages from that outline. Once the comic pages were created, Lee would then go back through the pages and add the dialogue for the letterer to finish. This enabled Stan to “write” multiple books at once and push out an enormous amount of content.

There are those that have criticized Stan Lee for this style of writing and these antagonists state that the real writers of the comic books were the artists and not Lee himself. Some have stated that Lee had minimal input into the creative process, but took most of the writing credit. No matter what side of the fence you land on in the argument, one cannot say that this method did not work. Some of the most iconic characters and stories were created at Marvel during this time and made many of the creators superstars in the comic book industry.

Pronunciation: mahr-vuhl meth-uhd
I hear some creators still use the Marvel Method for making comic books today.
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