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Blackheart Profile - Ghost Rider Villain


Real Name:




First Appearance:

Daredevil Vol.1, #270 (1989)

Created By:

Ann Nocenti


The being known as Blackheart is an extremely powerful demon. His powers are immense as they are various.

Physically, he has super strength, speed, endurance, and can even live without food or water. He can change his shape and form to different kinds of things and can even assume human form, although his typical form is that of a humanoid being with no mouth and his skin is the color of night. His eyes are red and his hair is like a thousand tentacle beast.

He wields a black form of energy that he can shoot in massive blasts that some think is a form of the power cosmic, but this has not been proved yet. He also has the power to influence the will of others, which appears to be even more powerful than his father Mephisto.

Blackheart also has many powers with transportation. He can levitate and can teleport himself between dimensions and planes of existence. One can assume that there are many more powers that Blackheart has as well.

Team Affiliations:

Hellfire Club

Currently Seen In:

Blackheart has often appeared in the Ghost Rider comic book, but has also appeared in Daredevil, Spider-Man, X-Force, and the Fantastic Four.

Interesting Fact:

At one time, Blackheart had created his own group of spirits of vengeance. One of the main members of this group was Johnny Blaze’s (Ghost Rider) ex-wife, Roxanne Simpson.


Blackheart was born in the town of Christ’s Crown, New York. Despite the name, this town was the place of unbelievable bloodshed and murder for countless generations. The demon Mephisto, used the negative energy that had come to a peak with the attempted rape of a girl. Mephisto used the energy to create a son named Blackheart.

He excelled under his father’s instructions and learned to sway and manipulate the wills of others. He tried to use those powers against a band of superheroes that included Daredevil and some of the Inhumans, but ultimately Blackheart failed. His interactions with these heroes led Blackheart to rebel against his father Mephisto trying to overthrow him and create a new hell, but this to failed. Mephisto, in retribution, lessened his powers.

Blackheart was infuriated with his father and sought out the help of some of the universes darker heroes. He led Ghost Rider (Dan Ketch), Wolverine, and Punisher to the town of Christ’s crown, not once, but on two separate occasions. Both times, Blackheart tried to get the help of the heroes to aide him in killing his father, but both times he was thwarted by them when they banded together. At the center of the battle was the innocent girl Lucy, who seemed to have powers of her own in calming those around her as well as being able to communicate with others telepathically. Using some of her pure blood, Blackheart stabbed his father with a dagger, apparently killing him.

The Ghost Rider(Dan Ketch) became a new focus for Blackheart and the two formed an alliance for a time, but Ghost Rider eventually ended up defeating Blackheart and banishing him from hell.

Blackheart has been the villain of other heroes as well and became the Black King of the Hellfire club, a group of mutants who opposed The X-Men. He was defeated and is trapped beneath the Hellfire club headquarters.

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