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HeroClix TabApp iPad Game Review

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HeroClix TabApp iPad Game Review

HeroClix TabApp Wolverine and the X-Men

WizKids Games


The HeroClix game has had some ups and downs since its inception. When it first came onto the scene, the game went gangbusters among fans of Marvel, DC, and independent comic books. For a time it looked like the franchise was dead, but it was soon resurrected when the NECA bought Wizkids and now we have a slew of new products for the HeroClix fantatic. TabApp is the latest endeavor seeking to meld the HeroClix tabletop game with an app for the iPad bringing technology, comics, and gaming altogether in one package.


Title: HeroClix TabApp
Content: The TabApp game series is for all ages. It contains action and simulated combat.
Intended For: Ages 8+
Publisher: Wizkids Games
Website: www.heroclixtabapp.com
Cost: $14.99

TabApp Game Play Screenshot

WizKids Games

From The Press Release:

”HeroClix TabApp™, an all-new combat-based scenario game integrating physical toy figures on the iPad, is now available at local hobby shops nationally. Players, fans and collectors are encouraged to contact their local game shop to pick up both the Marvel Super Heroes and Wolverine and the X-Men figure packs!”


I was into the HeroClix franchise from the beginning, as well as Wizkids other products in the form of Mage Knight and Mechwarrior. When many of WizKids games went belly up, I have to say I became a bit apprehensive with the whole collectible miniatures line. I have noticed that HeroClix in particular has gone a bit of a different route by offering figures that can be seen in the package so you know what you are going to get as well as boosters with unknown figures. They have created lines like the Green Lantern Corps, Justice League, and The Avengers prepackaged minis which are great for fans that just want to get some cool figures to play with their friends.

When I heard about their latest endeavor called TabApp I had to admit that I was intrigued. The combination of a tabletop game in an iPad app sounded very cool. I love the concept of forging new ways to enjoy our comic based hobby and so I was glad at the chance to try out the game.

I received the Wolverine and the X-Men set, downloaded the app, and started out on my adventure. It was very pleasing to put the figure onto the iPad and have the program register my character and therefore unlock the adventures. Each character has three multi-stage mini games that set you up with some of Marvel’s top villains.

The game play is rather simple in that it has your character at the top of the screen and as villains come to you, you either tap them with a ranged attack or a close combat. You also get to use your character special powers that are modeled after the HeroClix powers in the game. At the end of each stage there is a named villain like Pyro and the Blob, much like a boss level. Probably my biggest critique would be of the game play. In the board game, you and your opponent take turn moving your characters and engaging them with ranged or close combat attacks. Here, we have a simplified arcade version of the board game. I could see it being popular with the suggested age range of eight year olds as my kids really enjoyed playing it, but I think hardcore fans of the HeroClix game will find it lacking as there isn’t any real tactical aspects to the game, rather more just tap as fast as you can.

Another cool thing is that the characters that come in the package are real HeroClix figures with working dials that can be used in the board game. The figures have a cartoony style to them, more in the vein of Super Hero Squad rather than the original comic book. Again, kids will surely enjoy the larger figures with the cartoon look, but unless they are collectors that gotta catch them all, I fear most older fans of the HeroClix line will not enjoy these as much.

HeroClix TabApp Figures

WizKids Games


For its target age group, I think this is a pretty cool product. For fifteen bucks you get three working HeroClix figures that open up an arcade style game for play on the iPad. I personally would have loved a game that was more in line with the real HeroClix tabletop strategy game. I know my kids enjoyed the game, but I got bored of it after a short while. If you are looking for something cool for your young ones and they are into superheroes than this game should be a nice fix. If you are an older fan of the current HeroClix game then you should know what you are getting before you buy. The cool thing is that the free app has a demo version that you can play to check it out.

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

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