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Games Based on Comics

Play your favorite super hero in the latest comic book based games. Find games for your PC, console, and your tabletop.

HeroClix TabApp iPad Game Review
Read a review of the new HeroClix TabApp game.

DC Universe Exclusive Screenshots
Check out some exclusive screenshots of the upcoming MMO DC Universe.

Activision's Marvel Ultimate Alliance Picture Gallery
A photo gallery of the upcoming video game by Activision and Marvel - Ultimate Alliance.

The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction Full Review
A full review of The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Destruction. In The Hulk - Ultimate Destruction, you become The Hulk with all the powers and rage that reside within the green skinned monster. Take on great villains like General Ross and the Abomination.

Freedom Force VS The Third Reich - Game Review
A review of Freedom Force VS The Third Reich game for the PC from Irrational Games. Freedom Force VS The Third Reich is a comic book based game where you can play superheroes to fight evil and save the world.

Ultimate Spider-Man Review
Ultimate Spider-Man has emerged as king of the superhero hill. Amazing comic-inking (new cel-shading), solid story line, killer gameplay and outstanding animation leave gamers begging for more. This could mark the end of lame comic book videogames. A review by the Playstation Guide.

Freedom Force Official Website
Go to the official Freedom Force website for news on upcoming updates and games. Talk in their forums and learn about Modforce, a way to customize the Freedom Force game to your hearts content!

City of Heroes Official Website
City of Heroes is a massive multiplayer online role playing game. You pay a monthly fee to hook up via the internet and battle against a host of villains. Design your hero and go battle!

Teen Titans One on One Flash Game
Play as your favorite Teen Titan in this action orientated Flash game. Each character has different levels to play and a villain do defeat.

Batman - The Cobblepot Caper Flash Game
Play as the Dark Knight in this fun paced action Flash game. There are a lot of controls to master as you employ Batarangs, kicking, jumping, punching and gliding.

Teen Titans Battle Blitz
Play as your favorite heroes in this fighting game based on the smash hit cartoon. You can also play against your friends!

HeroClix - Tabletop Strategy Game
HeroClix is a revolutionary tabletop strategy game that features characters from Marvel, DC, and many Independent comic books. Build a team of superheroes from any line and fight to see who's the best! The figures come fully painted and assembled. It is a great game for any comic book fan.

Marvel HeroClix: Captain America Review
Marvel HeroClix: Captain America Review

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