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Free Comic Book Day 2008 Picks For Kids

The Best Comics From Free Comic Book Day For Kids


Free Comic Book Day is a great day for comic book lovers, especially if you're a kid. Free comics, right after a comic book movie has come out...it doesn't get any better than this. But which comics are a good choice for the little ones? Take a look at some of my personal picks for kids this years Free Comic Book Day.

1. Marvel Adventures Iron Man & Hulk & Spider-Man

Copyright Marvel Comics
Coming off the heels of the Iron Man movie, many young comic fans are going to be clamoring for some of the ol' Shell Head. Marvel doesn't disappoint with not only Iron Man, but the Hulk and Spider-Man...in one comic book! This is probably going to be the comic book to get for the kids at this years Free Comic Book Day.

2. Owly And Friends

Copyright Top Shelf Comix
Owly is a fantastic comic book for kids and adults, with classic tales and cute characters that tell some great stories. There are also some great stories from other Top Shelf comic books, such as Korgi and even some new comics they are trying to promote called Johnny Boo and Yam. Owly is an award winning series and will not let you down.

3. Tiny Titans

Copyright DC Comics
This is a new series from DC Comics and takes the familiar characters of the Teen Titans and makes them even smaller in the form of the Tiny Titans. These miniature caricatures have adventures, make jokes, and even offer activity pages for the young tikes to engage in. The older kids might not appreciate this comic, but your younger kids will love the light heartedness that this comic book has in it.

4. Transformers Animated

Copyright IDW Publishing
Coming off the heels of the new Transformers television show, this comic will delight fans of the Transformers series. This is the first comic book adaptation of the show, so it's a collectors item to boot. Featuring a young Optimus Prime, check out his adventures against the evil Megatron.

5. Amelia Rules! Comics And Stories

Copyright Renaissance Press
You're kids might already know Amelia Rules! from the Scholastic Book Fairs so this is a win win. This Eisner nominated series takes series star Amelia through all kinds of adventures with her friends in the neighborhood.

6. Sonic The Hedgehog

Copyright Archie Comics
Sonic is a long running character from the classic Sega video games. He also has a comic and a television series to back him up as a character that continues to delight children of all ages. Your kids will enjoy this new version of the character and you might remember if from your childhood as well so this comic is something you can both enjoy.

7. Archie's Pal Jughead

Copyright Archie Comics
Who doesn't like Jughead? The class clown from the Arhie series has a long running comic book based on him as well. This comic is a fun mystery set in the Geppi's Entertainment Museum in Baltimore and takes Archie and his friends on a chase to discover the secret behind the spookey late night happenings, but what if Jughead is involved as well?
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