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Fables 100 Nights

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Fables is rated for mature audiences.


For quite some time, Fables have lived among us. Snow White, Cinderella, Little Boy Blue, The Big Bad Wolf, and many others have come to our dimension seeking solace and protection from an evil being, known as the Adversary. The Fables lived in a place known as the Homelands. There are many kingdoms in the Homelands, such as the land of Oz, the Arabian Kingdoms, the land of the Lion, and more.

It would seem that the stories of our childhood were true beings. The more people heard and believed in those stories, the more powerful and resistant to death and damage the Fable became. They lived a life of pleasure and adventure in the Homelands, but a being known as the Adversary came to conquer the Homelands and every kingdom inside of it. The cute and cuddly Fables had to fight for their lives.

Many Fables died in the subsequent years that followed. As the Adversary’s armies grew in number and employed many a vile villain and monster, the Fables were forced to retreat. Further and further they went to the edges of the Homelands until they were forced to go through the portals that took them to our world. The portals were closed on both sides, to prevent Fables from coming to and to keep the Adversary from entering the Earth’s dimension.

The Fables moved to a section of New York, which they entitled Fabletown. This is where only the most human Fables live, unless they are fortunate enough to have had a transformation spell to change their shape or a spell to conceal their true identity. The Big Bad Wolf and the Troll under the bridge are two such Fables. The other non-human fables went to the Farm, out in the country and live there, unable to venture out into the modern world.

Some of the Fables live the life of luxury, such as Bluebeard, while others like Beauty and The Beast, live a much simpler life. The Fables long to return to their homes, and talk of doing something about the Adversary and his minions, but have yet to act. The Adversary longs to get the prizes he lost, but has yet to fully invade this world, instead focusing on conquering the remaining kingdoms of the Homelands, seeking to firm his control over his conquered lands.

The Fables generally live a life of solitude, ever being careful to keep their presence from the humans, known as Mundys. Some, like Jack Horner, are looking to make life interesting for the rest of the Fables, while others, like Snow White are now serving the Fable community by running the day to day business of Fabletown.

Fables takes a tongue in cheek look at the characters that filled the stories of our childhood. Some are spot on as to what we imagined them to be, while others are far from their story roots. Check out what your favorite fairy tale characters are up to in this Eisner Award winning series.


Vertigo Comics


Bill Willingham

Writers and Artist Associated With the Title::

Bill Willingham – Writer
Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha – Artists
James Jean – Cover Artist


Bigby Wolf – The big bad wolf. Sheriff of Fabletown.

Snow White – Assistant to the Mayor of Fabletown.

Prince Charming – Once married to Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. Now trying to find his way back into fortune.

Cinderella – One of Prince Charming’s wives.

Rose Red – Snow White’s sister and the reason Snow White and Prince Charming are no longer together.

Red Riding Hood – Recent addition to Fabletown from the homeland.

Baba Yaga – Russian witch fable that works for the Adversary.

The Frog Prince – Janitor of City Hall.

Pinocchio – Still stuck as a boy and friends with Little Boy Blue and The Frog Prince.

Little Boy Blue – Trumpet player and works at City Hall. Fought in the wars with the Adversary.

Beauty – Married to the Beast. Lost their fortune in the wars with the Adversary.

And The Beast – Married to Beauty. His change to his beast form is controlled by how angry Beauty is with him.

Goldilocks – Activist for going to war with the Adversary.

Sleeping Beauty – Another one of Prince Charming’s wives. Still under the curse that if she pricks her finger with a needle, then she falls asleep, as well as those around her.

Bluebeard – One of the richest men in Fabletown. Made his money ferrying Fables from the Homeland to our world.

Jack Horner – Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. Always looking for a quick way to get rich. Known as a troublemaker.

Mowgli – Spy for the Sheriff. Keeps tabs on the many other fables not living in Fabletown.

Forest Witch – The Witch of Hansel and Gretel. Very old, but still very powerful.

King Cole – Mayor of Fabletown. From an old nursery rhyme.

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