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Comic Book Lesson Plans - Note Taking

A Note Taking Lesson Using Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends


Comic Book Lesson Plans - Note Taking


Title: Welcome to Spidey's Amazing Note Taking Friends
Grade Levels: 4th-6th
Duration: 2-3 30 Minute Sessions
Standards Addressed: (These are the ones used in my district, but you may need to find ones appropriate from your district or state.)

EL.04.WR.01 - Use a variety of strategies to prepare for writing, such as brainstorming, making lists, mapping, outlining, grouping related ideas, using graphic organizers, and taking notes.
EL.04.WR.25 - Write informational reports:

  • Ask and then address a central question about an issue or event.
  • Include facts and details for focus.
  • Develop the topic with simple facts, details, examples, and explanations.
  • Use more than one source of information, including speakers, books, newspapers, other media sources, and online information.

Learning Target:
Today I will write important information about a story and put it into colored groups.

Materials Needed:
-Learning Target printed on a piece of paper. -White sheet of paper
-Three different colors of crayons
-The origin of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (Available to rent at a video store or the episode is available on Youtube.)


  1. Display the learning target and post it for the class to see. Read it to them then have them repeat it a couple of times. Tell them the goal of this lesson will be for them to learn how to take notes about a person, story, or event and to put their facts into groups so that they can then turn them into paragraphs.
  2. Have them take out their white sheet of paper and draw a circle in the center of it. Tell them they are going to do a graphic organizer called a web. Show them on an overhead or whiteboard.
  3. In the center, have them write the word "Spidey Friends".
  4. Tell them that each time they see a good fact or piece of information that they should draw a line off the circle and write their fact. Show an example on the overhead/board.
  5. Introduce the video they will be using to take notes on - the origin of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.
  6. Instruct them that as they watch the video, they should write them onto their web - the characters, setting, events etc.
  7. The video is broken up into three eight minute segments. Show a few minutes at a time and stop to show them the details they should be writing.
    • Characters - Iceman, Firestar, Spider-Man
    • Setting - school campus
    • Powers - Iceman has ice power,s FIrestar has fire powers, Spider-Man is strong and can shoot webs.
    • Events - a fire breaks out in a school and the three heroes go to fight it. Spider-Man learns of their identities from his camera, Spider-Man gets them together to start a team
    • Secret Identities - Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Bobby Drake/Iceman, Firestar/Angel Jones
    • Other - They are all friends
    • Team name ideas - ex X-men, Iceman and his fans, Spidey Friends
  8. After you have watched the segments, show your finished web to the class. With each color, decide which to group together. Some ideas could be:
    -How they get together.
    -Their powers.
    -Their secret identities.
    -How they come up with their team name.
  9. Show that these colored sections will be used to make up our paragraphs.


  1. Take the three colored web sections and turn them into paragraphs.
  2. Use the web colored section on a sample biography story to closer link it to their work.

Integration Ideas:

  1. Have a web with basic facts already made for struggling students. Have them color code it as you go along. You might already have the colors decided for the categories.
  2. Encourage low readers to draw different parts of the story.
  3. Have high achievers do more than three colors. Perhaps five.

I am a licensed teacher working in Title 1 schools in the Portland, OR area. I have taught fourth grade for seven years and am now teaching the second grade. I have used comic books and superheros as a large part of my teaching for many years.

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