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Culture and History of Comic Books

Everything about the culture and history of comic books. The best of comic book related websites, blogs, art and societal issues in comics.

How To Start A Comic Book Blog
Information on how to start a comic book blog.

Ways To Give Back To Your Comic Book Community
Comic books have provided us an incredible amount of joy throughout the years. For me, they have made my imagination come alive as a kid. Now, I do the same for kids I teach with comic books. We all want the world to be a better place than when we left it, so how about applying that philosophy to the comic book community? Can we find some ways...

How Do You Get A Tax Deduction For Selling Comic Books?
How do you make sure you get a tax deduction when donating your comic books.

DuctTuff Comic Book Wallet Review
Check out some comic based duct tape wallets from DuctTuff.

Thoughts About Comics #4 - Comics and Society Interview
An interview of myself with the Meridian Junior College of Singapore, China. Has comics impacted society? Or is it the other way around.

Thoughts About Comics #3
A commentary article about the Mary Jane comicquette statue from Sideshow Collectibles.

Thoughts About Comics #2
A new column at the comic book site for About.com. See how comic books enter my everyday life.

Thoughts About Comics #1
A column about comic books. Thoughts About Comics #1 Free Comic Book Day Isn't Free.

Top Ten Comic Book Creator Blogs and Forums
A list of the top ten comic creator blogs. Find out the best sites that creators have set up to communicate with the world.

Cultural Issues in Comics - society reflected in comic books.
The issues of society were long kept at bay from comics through watchdog groups and codes that limited content. But in recent years, comic books have been showing more of societies light and dark sides. Find out three major issues that have been spotlighted in comics.

Wacky Hijinx Blog
The Wacky Hijinx blog comes to us from Hijinx comics, the oldest comic book store in San Jose, CA. It is updated fairly regularly.

Yet Another Comics Blog
At this site you'll find a lot of different reviews, news, and even some contests. It covers just comic books, which is nice for a blog. There should be something here for just about everyone. Updated frequently.

The ADD Blog
ADD - short for Alan David Doane is the editor-in-chief of The Comic Book Galaxy and has been writing about comics for about 5 years.

Neil Gaiman's Journal/Blog
This "journal" by Neil Gaiman, prolific writer of The Sandman and Marvel's recent 1602, has a lot of insight into his personal life. The sight also has links to where to find a complete comic bibliography.

Peter David's Blog
Peter David, well known comic book writer, has his own blog. You will find lots of different information here. From personal stuff, to items on censorship, as well as comic related items.

Girl Wonder
www.girl-wonder.org is described as, "...a feminist activism website devoted to fighting misogyny in comics, the comics industry and comics fandom."

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
"The CBLDF exists to fight censorship and defend the first amendment rights of comic book professionals throughout the United States." Find out all that the CBLDF is doing to protect comics, their creators, and retailers.

The Science of Superheroes
An article looking at the science behind the powers of some of the most popular superheroes of our time. See how a spider actually climbs walls, how you can detect lies just like Wonder Woman, or maneuver around even if you are blind!

Comic Book Fan Fiction
There is a lot of different fan fiction out on the internet. Here is a list to some different sites that host comic book fan fiction.

Superhero Costumes
Find a costume shop near you that will give you access to many different super hero and anime costumes you need.

First Look: Williams-Sonoma and Marvel Kitchen Accessories
First Look Williams-Sonoma and Marvel Kitchen Accessories

Comic Book Lesson Plans - Note Taking
A lesson on note taking using a Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends video.

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