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Diamond Comics Distribution Inc. Profile


Diamond Comics Distribution Inc. Profile

Diamond Comics

Diamond Comics


Diamond Comic Distributors Inc.

President and CEO:

Steve Geppi

Founded by:

Steve Geppi

Famous For:

Diamond Comics is famous for being the main distributor of comic books in the United States. There are a couple of other distributors that work with some of the smaller independent publishers, but every major publisher works with Diamond.

Public Company (Can you own a piece of it?):



1966 Greenspring Drive
Suite 300
Timonium MD 21093

Contact Info:

Phone: 410-427-9389
Fax: 410-560-7148
Public Relations Email: lelissa@diamondcomics.com



Get Your Comic Distributed:

Getting a comic book into Diamond has many steps. They have a full website detailing the process at http://vendor.diamondcomics.com/public/. The basic process is as follows:
  1. Create your comic completely.
  2. Print a preview comic to send in to Diamond.
  3. Complete the “Product Information Form” from the vendors site.
  4. Create a cover letter with your contact info.
  5. Send your preview book, forms, and cover letter to Diamond Comics.
  6. Wait 2-4 weeks for Diamond to check over your work and be accepted into Previews.
  7. Start pounding the pavement to get the word out about your new book. You need a minimum of $2500 wholesale orders to keep your comic book in Previews.
  8. Print your order. Once it is solicited Diamond will tell you the orders it has collected through Previews. You then need to print at least that many comic books.
  9. Ship it to Diamond. After you print it you need to ship the comic books to one of their distribution centers.
  10. Reorders. Diamond can still sell copies and will tell you how many more to print and ship to them even after the initial order.
  11. To the comic stores! Diamond will distribute your comic books to stores around the country.
  12. Payment! It may take as much as six months to get paid for the comic books Diamond purchased through you. Remember that Diamond will pay you less than the comic stores pay Diamond. So you will not get $3.99 for each of the comic book sold. It will be more like $1.20-$1.60 per comic they purchase from you.

Read more information about submitting comics to Diamond.

Become A Retailer:

Diamond has a whole separate website for retailers at http://retailer.diamondcomics.com. There you can find out information on how to set up a wholesale account with Diamond to sell comic books in your store. You will need to order a minimum of $425 a month and be a legitimate business. This means you need to have an actual brick and mortar store or a registered website domain with a shopping cart.

Get A Job With:

Diamond posts their jobs on their website. You can apply to them via email at jobs@diamondcomics.com or mail them to:

Human Resources Department
Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
1966 Greenspring Drive
Suite 300
Timonium, MD 21093


Diamond Comic books was started by Steve Geppi in 1982. At that time he had a successful chain of comic book stores and when his main distributor went out of business, Steve saw a need to be filled and a chance to enter into the comic book distribution service.

In that time, Diamond has become the main distributor for comic books in the United States. They offer a service that comic book publishers have had a very difficult time managing on their own. Marvel even tried to go without Diamond by purchasing a distribution company called Heroes World Distribution. That company ended in 1997 when Marvel signed an exclusive deal with Diamond, making them the last major distribution service in America.

They have come under scrutiny and complaint about having a monopoly on the comic book distribution market, but a three year investigation led to no fines or actions when it was finally resolved in 2000.

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