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Creating Comic Books - How To Create Comic Books

A resource for all of you who hope to create comic books. Find resources for writers, artists, colorists, inkers, letterers, publishing, and other aspects that goes into creating comic books.
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General Creating Comic Books Resources
A list of general resources for the comic book creator.

Creating Comic Books 101
A guide to the basics of creating comic books. Find out information such as the history of creating comic books, the process, contracts, publisher information, and more.

A Brief Overview And History Of Creating Comic Books
A brief overview and history of how and who makes comic books.

The Process Of Creating Comic Books
A description of the process of creating a comic book. Find out about the steps the major comic book publishers go through in creating a comic book.

Create and Publish Comics Through Kickstarter
Check out how to use Kickstarter.com to create your comic books and retain ownership of your creation.

Diamond Comics Distribution Inc. Profile
Find information on Diamond Comics, the main distributor for comic books in the United States.

Recipe For A Supervillain
Find out what it takes to create a great supervillain.

Digital VS Print
An article that takes a look at creating comic books digitally VS print. For beginning creators, which is the best? Find out.

Contracts And Their Impact On Creating Comic Books
Creating comic books is a business and contracts are a big part of that. Learn about the kinds of contracts when creating comic books and what they mean to you.

The Only Living Boy Interview
Check out an interview with David Gallaher and Steve Ellis and their inventive way in getting funding to create their new comic book.

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