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Comic Book Conventions and Events

Comic book conventions are a great place to go to find hard to find comics, get great deals, meet creators, and hear the latest about your favorite comic books. There are many to choose from and they all have a lot to offer. Find the one closest to you, who's appearing, and what you can expect from the comic conventions and events around you.
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  4. Free_Comic_Book_Day (9)
  5. Kumoricon (2)
  6. Megacon (1)
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  8. NonProfit_Organizations (7)
  9. San_Diego_Comic_Con_International (34)
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Top Comic-Cons
Check out the top conventions in the nation.

About.com Comic Books 2012 Readers' Choice Awards
See who made the cut for the finalists in voting for the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

Indy Comic Book Week Profile
A profile of Indy Comic Book Week, an event taking place December 30th, 2009.

Essential Convention Items
A list of the things you will need to have when attending a comic book convention.

Comic Book Convention Essential Attractions
A list of the many things one can do at a comic book convention.

Conventions Map - Find the convention closest to you
Want to attend a convention? Use this convention map of the US to find a convention nearest you.

How To Know You Have Con Stench
Learn the signs that you might have con stench.

How To Prevent Con Stench
Find out how to prevent having con stench at a comic book convention.

Wizard World Portland Comic Con Review
See what went down at the first inaugural Wizard World Portland Comic Con.

We Can Be Heroes
Learn more about the new campaign from DC Entertainment to help save life in the Horn of Africa.

Bill Mantlo Tribute
A tribute of Bill Mantlo, the comic book writer of ROM - Spaceknight. Bill wrote the entire series of ROM, and many other Marvel Comics. Due to a head injury, he is bedridden in a brain damage institute and this tribute is to raise money for his care. Find out how you can help.

Bill Mantlo Tribute Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of the Bill Mantlo Tribute at Floating World Comics in Portland, Oregon. This is a fundraiser to raise money for Bill Mantlo, a comic book writer who was in a hit and run accident in 1992 and has been incapacitated ever since.

Free Comic Book Day Profile
A profile of the annual Free Comic Book Day, held at comic book stores around the United States.

The Hero Initiative Profile
A profile of the non profit organization The Hero Initiative. Find out about what the Hero Initiative does and how you can help.

San Diego Comic Con International Profile
A profile of the largest comic book convention in the world, the San Diego Comic Con International. Find out information such as the history, dates, and main attractions of this comic book convention.

Pilot Season Profile
Find out more about Top Cow Productions Pilot Season comic book contest.

The Will Eisner Comic Book Industry Awards Profile
A profile of the comic book award ceremony, The Eisner Awards. Find out about the history, categories, awards, contact info, and other information about The Will Eisner Awards.

DC Character Appearances - Milestone Family Entertainment
Milestone Family Entertainment is the place to contact for DC characters to appear at your events. They host characters such as Batman, Teen Titans, and the Justice League. They are available for corporate and family events.

Marvel Characters Live Appearances
Put Marvel's superheroes to work at your next event. I love this link. Find when and where your favorite Marvel characters are appearing live and in person, how to book them for your event, information on their "Awareness Programs", pictures of what to expect, and a great photo gallery of Marvel's finest at work.

San Diego Comic Con International
The San Diego Comic Con International boasts being the largest comic book convention in North America. You can find all the information about the convention, from guest lists, entrance fees, location, and everything else about one of the largest conventions for comic books.

Wizard World Tour Conventions
Wizard, a comic book magazine and price guide has entered into the convention business in full force. They have five different conventions a year to ensure that one of them is close to your door. Find all you need to about them here.

Big Apple Con
This convention is the largest convention in New York City. This convention is held different months out of the year.

Motor City Comic Con
Check out this convention near Detroit, Michigan. Although smaller in size it boasts a decent amount of celebrities and comic creators making appearances, as well as many vendors to find exactly what you are looking for.

Comic Book Conventions Website
This website is completely devoted to comic book conventions. It has a large list of conventions around the United States with links to each.

GameStorm 13 Review
A review of GameStorm 13, a gaming convention in Vancouver, Washington.

GameStorm 13 Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of GameStorm 13, a gaming convention in Vancouver, Washington.

GameStorm 14 2012 - The Games I Played
Check out the games I played at this years GameStorm.

GameStorm 14 Review
See the ins and outs of GameStorm 14 - 2012.

2012 About.com Comic Book's RCA Award Winners
See who the winners are in the 2012 About.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Superheroes for Hospice Interview
Check out an interview with the coordinator of Superheroes for Hospice.

Wizard World Comic Con Profile
Read a profile of the Wizard World comic book conventions.

Comic-Con Preparation
Check out the things to consider before you hit the convention floor.

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