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The Avengers movie has been years in the making and was part of a bold step by Marvel to bring in their movie franchise in house. They raised almost one billion dollars and launched things off with Iron Man, a hugely successful movie that has already spawned a sequel. Then came Thor, and Captain America, the trio of films that wove together the background for what would be The Avengers. Little snippets of characters and epilogues in the films helped set the stage for what would be their biggest feat of bringing together a star studded cast and their largest film to date. It seems to be paying off as the buzz is monstrous and the film is already making waves overseas. Check out some of the best stills from The Avengers set to release May 4th, 2012.

The photo above is from Comic-Con International and was the first big reveal of the cast to the world. The con and subsequently the internet went crazy at this panel.

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