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About.com Comic Books Readers' Choice Awards 2012 Overview


About.com Comic Books Readers' Choice Awards 2012 Overview

Readers Choice Award

It's that time of year again for the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. This is the first year that the Comic Books site is participating and I am excited to find out just who and what you think is the best in comic books.

The award process will occur in two stages - nomination and voting. In the nomination stage, you will be able to submit your favorite comic book items into the categories listed below. This phase will be open on Wednesday, January 18th and will close on Wednesday, February 15th. You can submit one item for each category so choose wisely. Once the nomination phase closes, up to five nominees will be selected from your submissions to advance to the voting round.

In the voting stage, you will vote from up to five nominations from each category and the winner will receive the About.com Readers' Choice Award for 2012.

Below you will find the six different categories with an explanation for each. The links will go live sometime on Wednesday January 18th.

About.com Comic Books 2012 Categories

  • Best Publisher - There are many publishers out there in the comic book world, and some dominate with sales, but who dominates with fans? Vote for your favorite comic book publisher here.
  • Best Writer - What would a comic book be without a writer? Writers craft the stories that turns the pictures into an engaging story and create worlds and tales as complex as the greatest novel. Whom is the best in your eyes?
  • Best Artist - A comic without art is just not a comic book. Artists take those scripts and turn them into something new. Their art is not just eye candy, but an integral part of the graphic storytelling medium. Who does it the best?
  • Best Published Comic Book - If your friends asked you what was the best comic book out there today was, what would you say? Get your favorite comic book nominated today.
  • Best Digital Comic Book/Webcomic - Digital comic books have opened up a whole new market for creating comic books. Which online only digital comic book or webcomic deserves the title as the best out there?
  • Best Kids Comic Book - Kids comics are big business and there are a ton of them out there vying for your or your kids hard earned money. Which of them deserves it the most?
Keep an eye out for more announcements of the 2012 About.com Comic Books Readers Choice Awards. Nominations are closed and voting is live - 2012 Readers' Choice Awards
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