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Take a look at some of the best and worst that comic books have to offer. These reviews and profiles have been created to showcase what is good and bad about the comics to help you make a better decision as a consumer. There is also large number of profiles that will guide you through the characters, publishers, creators, and other realms associated with comic books.
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Comic Book Reviews

Obviously, some comics are better than others. And, some comics are just plain bad. Before you make your comic book purchase, take a look at these reviews and recommendations.

Graphic Novel Reviews

Graphic Novels are a great way to read an entire run of comic books or a long form comic book story in one sitting. They are often cheaper overall then the individual comic books and can be a great way to check out a series. This is much like, "waiting for the DVD," of a television series. This way, you don't forget what happens in between each month and can enjoy the continuity of a whole section of comics. Read some reviews of some of the graphic novels available today.

Character Profiles

Comic books are all about the characters. They drive the stories and people identify with them, bringing them into their lives. They get tattoos of their symbols, decorate their rooms with their likeness, and some even name their children after these heroes. Learn more about the many characters of the comic book world.

Comic Book Publishers

The publishers of comic books take the risk of producing, marketing, and selling comic books. Some focus on superheroes, like Marvel and DC. Others focus on more personal stories, such as Top Shelf Productions, other still have blazed new trails in the comic book world, such as Fantagraphics. Each looks to carve a niche for themselves in the comic book world.

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