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Top Reviewed Comic Books of 2012


2012 was a pretty great year for comic books. We saw a lot of new releases, new ground made in self published comic books, and continued success in making superheroes and comic reading a mainstream thing. In reflecting on the year, I looked over the comic book reviews I did for 2012 and compiled a list of my top reviewed comic books. This isn't to say that these are the best of all comics in 2012, just the best of the ones that I got a chance to review.

1. Fatale

Image Comics
Brubaker really hit onto a great thing when he combined the elements of horror, mystery, and the rough and tumble kind of storylines he has become known for. This series was a real great treat and had me from the first issue.

2. Wizzywig

Top Shelf
Wizzywig was a bit of a surprise for me. It was from a relative newcomer to the comics field, but I could see the dedication and research that went into this comic that tells the story of an original hacker and the permeation's of hacking through the years. Wizzywig was very interesting and takes you through decades of the hacking world with great detail and finesse.

3. Peanuts

This classic comic strip has seen many incarnations over the years and kaBOOM! did a great job of capturing the essence that made it such a great series for kids and adults alike. The used classic strips, new stories, and activities that tied everything together in a fantastic package.

4. Animal Man

Animal Man
DC Comics
This was the first arc of the new Animal Man and writer Jeff Lemire took this kind of second rate character and really twisted it up with an unusual storyline and new direction for Buddy Baker. I totally enjoyed this arc and found it to be a great reintroduction to the character.

5. Bravest Warriors

Bravest Warriors was a bit of a surprise in that while it had the feel of Adventure Time, the content was certainly much more mature and geared towards the teenage and adult crowd rather than the elementary age group. What was also interesting was that I found the art to be a bit of an improvement over Adventure time as well. If you like juvenile humor and light hearted fun than check out this comic.

6. Archeologists of Shadows

Septagon Studios
I'm always on the lookout for gems when reviewing comic books, and this read was one of them. The art style was so unique and well done that I was completely drawn in. It certainly helped that the story was original as well and quite inexpensive overall. The comic was very unique and one of the highlights of the year for me.

7. Hypernaturals

BOOM! Studios
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have done a lot in the realm of sci-fi for other folks. They have written for Marvel, Warhammer 40k, and DC so it was great to see them flex their muscles with their own creative content. The first issue combines elements of superheroes, science fiction, and mystery together in an epic sci-fi tale.

8. The Only Living Boy

Bottled Lightning
The story of The Only Living Boy was one that brought me back to the some of the classic shows of the 80's. I also loved how this comic book came to being, through the website Kickstarter. It is so great to see alternative ways of creators publishing comic books and it was also cool that the comic was good as well.

9. Adventure Time

The hilarious Cartoon Network series is also a hilarious comic book. I loved how this comic really captured the feel of the show on many different levels with the art, humor, and storyline. It was the start of a great series and although I wasn't an original fan of the show, I could see how it became so popular.

10. Upside Down Vampires Tale

Top Shelf
Upside Down is a great kids graphic novel that used a very interesting color palette in the form of green, black, and white throughout. It was very impressive to see it all come together like one graphic puzzle. The story and lead character were very cute and made for a great Halloween tale.
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