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Korgi Book 3: A Hollow Beginning Review

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Korgi Book 3: A Hollow Beginning Review

Korgi Book 3: A Hollow Beginning

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In the land of Korgi Hollow lives in unison the loveable and energetic Korgi’s who are partnered with the Mollies, beings who are small in stature but full of life. These are but a few of the many fantastical creatures who make up this world filled with witches, wizards, dragons, monsters, and more.


Title: Korgi Book 3: A Hallow Beginning
Writer/Artist: Christian Slade
Covers: Christian Slade
Content: Korgi is an all ages book.
Publisher: Top Shelf Productions
Cost: $9.95


Book three begins where Book 2 left off, with Ivy and Sprout working hard to discover the secret behind the shard of stained glass that shows a castle upon Mount Plunther. Excitement, discovery, and danger awaits them at every turn.

This book tells the origin of the how the Korgi’s and Mollies came together, as well as how the Kingdom Ruins were destroyed and how the evil Derog-Glaw came to be fused together, two heads on one being. The story is part mystery and fairy tale, with plenty of foreshadowing of things to come.


Artist and writer Christian Slade has really nailed this series and Book Three is no let down. The art is really amazing with the black and whites really coming alive with Slade’s intricate use of cross hatching. The depth and detail that Slade achieves makes his artwork both very unique and quite fitting for this fantasy tale. The creatures and backgrounds have such great dimensions to them and many of the panels and pages are done with a great sense of scale that it is very reminiscent of fine cinema.

Although the story is wordless, the writing is still strong. The story moves along with Ivy and Sprout trying to discover the origin of the mysterious piece of stained glass and end up getting more than they bargained for. Slade mixes humor, intrigue, adventure, and even a bit of horror into this story. I really liked how things unfolded and transitioned into the back story of Kingdom Ruin and the origin of how the Korgi’s and Mollies came to be.

Probably the only thing I can use to criticize this comic is how quick it reads. Even though it clocks in at 96 pages, the fact that it is wordless made it read at a pace of a comic much smaller in size. My advice would be to slow down and focus on the detail of the art as that will undoubtedly take you much more time to go through it.


It is easy to see how this series has gained so much popularity. The art, storytelling, pacing, and world Slade has created is fantastic and you don’t have to be a kid to appreciate it. He has taken this little animal that one wouldn’t think would be a hero and turned it into a loveable companion with a brave heart and some amazing powers to go with it. I really recommend this book as it has so much to offer children, art aficionados, and comic fans everywhere.
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