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Bravest Warriors #1-2 Review

Not Your Typical Adventure Time

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Bravest Warriors #1-2 Review

Bravest Warriors #1

kaBOOM! Studios


From the mind that brought you Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward’s latest comic creation is a band of misfit teenage warriors. Each one is braver than the last, except for the last one, who is only the second most bravest of them all and she is just fine with that. Enter the odd, exciting, and sometimes gross world of Bravest Warriors.


Title: Bravest Warriors #1-2
Creator: Pendleton Ward
Writer: Joey Comeau
Artist: Mike Holmes
Colors: Zack Sterling
Letters: Steve Wands
Bonus Content: Lazer Sunday: Written and illustrated by Ryan Pequin. Colors by Mirka Andolfo
Bravest Warriors is for young teens and up. It contains action, gross situations, and off color humor.
Publisher: Kaboom! and imprint of BOOM! Studios
Cost: $3.99

Bravest Warriors #2

kaBOOM! Studios


Bravest Warriors chronicles the adventures of fieve teenage heroes, each with their own unique set of powers. The team consists of Chris Kirkman, strongman Wallow, boy genius Danny Vasquez, soft hearted BethTezuka, and their unofficial fifth member Plum. Together they wage war on evil and seek justice for the oppressed.

The first two comics in the series set up the team and sends them on their first major adventure. The first issue consists of the team having some bonding time with some flicks on the couch, each trying to scare the pants off of each other with a scarier and scarier movie.

When a group of clowns are attacked by their greatest enemy Sadness, the group has to kick into gear and rush to save them. Their trip is hijacked by a great evil and the team must suit up to save their ship and themselves in the process. Can the Bravest Warriors face countless foes in order to save a sad group of clowns? Will Beth ever find out about Chris’ crush? Will Danny ever get over his fear of clowns? Some of these questions just might be able to be answered in the first two issues of Bravest Warriors.


If you are a fan of Adventure Time, then you probably know what you are getting into. Bravest Warriors incorporates the same kind of quirky random storylines that follow a central tale, but offshoot into some very unusual territory. The characters each bring their powers and personality traits to the team, all the while just trying to survive what life throws at them.

The art style is very similar to Adventure Time and I actually thought it was a bit stronger than its predecessor. The shading and level of detail was quite well done and I really enjoyed it. I understand that Adventure Time is just trying to keep it in line with the cartoon so I am not downing on that. It is just interesting that I found the art in this comic quite a bit better in its overall package than the Adventure Time series.

I found the storyline to be quite humorous, if a bit slow paced at times. There is plenty of action, but the side plots take up a lot of space in the pages. It’s not that they are bad; actually quite the contrary as I thought the cupcake battle was quite funny from issue one. Readers should just know that the comic will get there when it gets there in terms of the main story and just enjoy the ride.

It should be noted that the material in this comic is a lot more mature than its Adventure Time counterpart. There are jokes about being pregnant, sexism, and a booger and throw up fest story that will make certain parent’s eyes roll. Some of the content was a little unexpected for me as the Adventure Time series seems to be geared for a bit younger audience. You should know that the two series are not necessarily related but both started out as two shorts that creator Pendleton Ward came up with and released a while back. Adventure Time was picked up by Cartoon Network and now the Bravest Warriors cartoon is being released on the internet from Cartoon Hangover.

An Unspeakable Evil

kaBOOM! Studios


In the end we have a pretty strong outing from the mind that brought you the Adventure Time series. I think middle school aged kids will certainly love this comic as it will appeal too many of their sensibilities. The humor is just old enough that they will get the jokes and be laughing quite a bit, but parents should know the kind of humor they are buying into. Kaboom! surely has a strong offering for this age range and I think it will do quite well.
Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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