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Marvel Comics

Editor In Chief:

Joe Queseda

Started by:

Martin Goodman

Characters (Partial List):

Captain America
The Incredible Hulk
Fantastic Four

Famous For:

Marvel is mostly known for creating real world characters with problems like you and me. Marvel comics has made characters with flaws that people can relate to and this has made Marvel Comics a powerhouse in the comic book world.

Public Company (Can you own a piece of it?):

Yes – Symbol - MVL

Percentage Of Market Share (According to Diamond):

As of 2005 – 36.97%

Creator Owned Projects:

Marvel hasn’t been a large proponent of creator owned comics.


Marvel Entertainment, Inc.
417 5th. Avenue
New York, NY 10016




Marvel comics does accept submissions as is detailed on their website. They require that you sign and send in their, “Marvel Idea Submission Form” with a sample of your work. If you do not submit your work with the form, it will be destroyed and unread/unseen. They get a lot of submissions though, so they will contact you if they are interested.

Other Media:

Marvel comics has had large success with their toy lines, apparel, and video games. Lately, Marvel comics has entered the film industry with great success and is now releasing a line of straight to DVD cartoons.

Get A Job With Marvel Comics:

Marvel posts their positions on Monster.com.


Marvel Comics started out as Timely Comics, a publishing company that produced “pulp magazines” or cheap fiction magazines and books that were made on cheap paper and could be produced economically. The company was started by Martin Goodman and would stay in his possession until the late 60’s.

The first comic book that Timely published was called “Marvel Comics” and featured the android Human Torch and Namor, The Sub Mariner. A few years later Joe Simon and Jack Kirby would create the superhero Captain America for Timely. Due to decreasing sales, the company eventually abandoned its superheroes for horror and adventure comics.

This trend of creating horror, western, adventure, and other comic books would continue through the forties and fifties and wouldn’t change until the early sixties. It was in 1961 when Timely, now called Atlas, would start producing comic books under the name Marvel Comics. DC Comics had great success with Superman and the Justice League comics and Goodman was finally convinced to reenter the fray with their own superhero comics. Creators such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Steve Ditko greatly helped this resurgence with the creation of many of the characters we know and love today.

Marvel Comics has since become known with DC comics as, “The Big Two”. Together they make up over 70% of the market share of comics sold in the United States. The resurgence of comic book movies of famous characters such as Spider-Man, Daredevil, and The X-Men has cemented Marvel as a comic book company that will be around for decades to come. They continue to add on to their line of comics and create new characters with the hopes that they will catch on as well as the mainstays of the Marvel universe.

Recently, Marvel was purchased by Disney for four billion dollars. Marvel has gone on to produce comics based on the Disney characters and has also started to expand their television lineup. Their line of movies based on Marvel characters has been widely popular and continue to bring in new fans to their franchise of characters.

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