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Publishers of Comics

The publishers hold the reigns of most of our favorite comic book characters. Interviews, links, and more will show you the inside of the comic book industry.
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Top Comic Book Publishers
Users answering their top lists of comic book publishers.

Top Comic Book Publishers
The companies behind the comic books are the publishers. They are on the front line, taking the risks in publishing comic books, and are putting their money where their mouths are. Without publishers big and small, there would be no comics for us to read and enjoy. Comics needs the big time publishers and the smaller ones willing to take risks and push the boundaries of the world of comic books.

Studio 407 Profile
A profile of new comic book publisher Studio 407.

After Hours Press Profile
A profile of indy comic book publisher After Hours Press. Started by Buddy Scalera and Darren Sanchez the small press company has such titles as Necrotic, Model Operandi, and 7 Days To Fame.

Blue Water Productions Profile
A profile of Blue Water Productions, publisher of such comics as 10th Muse and the Ray Harryhausen Presents Series.

BOOM! Studios Publisher Profile
A profile of BOOM! Studios, a comic book publisher.

Dark Horse Profile
A Dark Horse Comics profile. Read about the history of Dark Horse, how to submit ideas to them, how to work for them, and other great information about Dark Horse Comics.

DC Comics Profile
A profile DC Comics, one of the largest comic book publishers in the world. Find out great information about DC Comics like their history, available jobs, submission information, and more about DC Comics, home to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Fantagraphics Books Profile
Fantagrphics Books has pushed the boundaries of comics. They grab onto the stories the mainstream publishers won't touch. Read about the history, creators, comics, submissions, and more about Fantagraphics Books, comic book publisher.

IDW Publishing Profile
IDW burst onto the scene with 30 Days of Night and helped reinvent the horror genre for comics. Read about the history, creators, comics, submissions, and more about IDW Publishing, comic book publisher.

Image Comics Profile
A profile of Image Comics, comic book publisher. Image Comics is the fourth largest publisher of comic books and is a champion of creator owned comics. Read about the history, creators, comics, submissions, and more about Image Comics, comic book publisher.

Mam Tor Publisher Profile
A profile of the UK based comic book publisher, Mam Tor.

Marvel Comics Profile
A profile of the comic book publishing company Marvel Comics. Find key information about the comic book publisher, including a short history, editor in cheif, characters, and why Marvel Comics is one of the most famous comic book companies out there.

Scar Comics Profile
A profile of Scar Comics, a small independent publisher of creator owned comic books based in England.

Scholastic Comic Book Publisher Profile
Check out more about the graphic novel publisher Scholastic.

Septagon Studios Inc. Profile
A profile of up an coming comic book publisher, Septagon Studios Inc. Find out about this new publisher and see what they have to offer.

SLG Comics Profile - Slave Labor Graphics
A profile of Slave Labor Graphics, SLG for short. Their dark and twisted titles have brought it a large fan base in the goth subculture as well as brought it work from powerhouse Disney with Tron, Gargoyles, and other titles.

Timelike Line Productions - Timeliketoons
A profile of small time press company, Timeliketoons. Find more information about these science based comics and cartoons.

Top Shelf Productions Profile
Top Shelf Productions publishes creator owned projects and has had national acclaim with such titles as Lost Girls, Owly, and From Hell. Read about the history, creators, comics, submissions, and more about Top Shelf Productions, comic book publisher.

Vertigo Comics - An Imprint of DC Comics
A profile of Vertigo Comics, an imprint of DC Comics.

Viper Comics Profile
A profile of up and coming comic book publisher Viper Comics. Famous for Dead At 17, The Expendable One, and A Dummy's Guide To Danger, Viper Comics is quickly rising in the indy comic scene. Find more about Viper Comics now.

Virgin Comics Profile
A profile of Indian comic book publisher, Virgin Comics. Tapping into a relatively unknown market, Sir Richard Branson and Deepak and Gotham Chopra started an Indian comic book publishing line. Find more information about Virgin Comics - India's new comic book publisher.

VLE Comics Profile
A profile of Visible Light Entertainment. VLE is creating some cool new stuff that is out of the bounds of men in tights. See what VLE Comics has to offer.

Zuda Comics Profile
A profile of Zuda Comics, the DC Comics web initiative.

Wildstorm Comic Books
Wildstorm comics is an imprint of DC comics. It is run as a separate entity and is the banner company for such comics as Americas Best Comics and Homage comics. It hosts a lot of creator owned comic books.

Denis Kitchen Publishing Company
The Denis Kitchen Publishing Company is the home to some of the most well known independent comic book creators like Harvey Pekar(American Splendor fame), Will Eisner, and Robert Crumb.

Archie Comics
Archie Comics specializes in comic books for young readers. They offer multiple titles like Archie, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Disney Comics - Gemstone Publishing
Find the continuing adventures of all your favorite Disney characters at Gemstone Publishing. You can find current issues, make subscriptions, order back issues, and find great news about Disney comics.

Hound Comics Publisher Profile
Check out a profile of indy comic publisher Hound Comics.

Hound Comics Interview
Check out an interview with Hound Comics CEO Brimstone.

Action Lab Publisher Profile
Check out a profile of comic book publisher Action Lab.

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