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BCW Supplies Top Loader Review

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BCW Supplies Top Loader Review

BCW Top Loader

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We all know the basics of protection. Bag, board, and box. But what if you wan’t something more? Maybe you have some comics you really want protected, or your going to a convention to get them signed and worry about carrying them in your luggage. You might be shipping them off to distant lands, knowing that a damaged comic is worth next to nothing and may bring you bad feedback. With all these situations sometimes a bag and board aren’t just enough.

Extra Layers Of Protection

BCW’s Top Loader adds an extra layer of protection to your comic books. The top loader is very much the same kind of thing as one you might find for a card. Basically you just slide the comic down in to the protector from the top and are able to view it as it’s clear plastic.

At first I tried it without a bag and board, and found that the comic book slid around in the top loader as well as easily sliding out. After putting it into a bag and board, the comic stayed very well in the top loader, even when turned upside down. The bag adds some needed friction to keep it put. This isn’t to say it won’t come out being turned upside down, but it’s not like the comic will fly out like a greased pig.

So with the bag and board inside the top loader, you have two nice layers of protection. But why is that important?

Many Uses

After thinking about it for a bit, I thought of a fair amount of uses for the BCW Top Loader.

From their website:

“The PVC used in BCW Toploads contain no plasticizers or stearates. Our high impact grade PVC does not migrate and will not harm your cards, photos or prints, while offering maximum protection and visual appeal.”

I think the key phrase here is, “maximum protection.” I could imagine the top loader being useful for many reasons. One of them is transportation. I’m planning on going to an upcoming convention and have some comics I’d love to have signed. Taking my comics in just a bag and board worries me, but with the top loaders, I know they will have the extra protection they’ll need to survive the trip.

I also thought of uses for shipping. If you are selling a comic worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, then spending a couple of bucks on a device that will protect them in transit would be a good idea. This would also go a long way to keeping your feedback safe and your business record squeaky clean.

Another thing that these would be good for is just in extra protection for your more valuable comic books. I tried the top loader in a comic book box and in a couple of different drawer boxes and they worked just fine, fitting nicely. If you have some number one’s or comics that are near and dear to your heart you might consider the extra protection a top loader will add.

Vital Specs

Quantity: Packs of 10
Cost: About $20 for one pack of ten or $9 per pack if you buy twenty packs or more.
Height: 11 Inches
Width: 7 1/2 Inches
Depth: 1/4 Inch
Capacity: 1 Comic

Pros and Cons

  • Extra protection.
  • Great for transportation and shipping.
  • Fits in a regular comic book box.
  • Price break at larger quantities.
  • Comic easily viewable inside the sleeve.


  • Cost – Base price is about $2 per loader.
  • May be hard to find at your local comic shop. (Shipping is extra for online sales.)
  • Will slip out without bag and board.
  • Even with bag and board the comic can come out.

    In Conclusion

    I really like the BCW Top Loader. It works with all your available supplies, and you are just adding more and more protection with it in your collection. I know I plan on using them when I go to my next convention to keep my copies extra safe.

    Although I don’t think I will use them for all my comics, that would be to expensive, I do see using them for select occasions. I definitely see using the top loader for transporting, shipping, and adding extra protection to my comics. In the end it’s just an extra layer that will keep your comics in pristine condition.

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