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BCW Supplies Short Comic Book House

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BCW Supplies Short Comic Book House

BCW Supplies Short Comic Book House

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BCW Supplies, the collection powerhouse that has just about anything you can imagine to protect your collection, enters into the comic book drawer business with it’s own version, the Comic Book House. Their first entry, the short Comic Book House has a lot going for the collector looking to put their comics into a small and compact space.

BCW Enters The Fray

For years, the only storage out there for comic collectors was the long comic book box. Later, the short box came along to the delight of apartment dwellers and collectors whose comics sat in a closet turned sideways to accommodate their length. This made getting to your comics very difficult and often made, at least in my experience, the comics at the bottom near unreadable as the amount of work to get said comics was insurmountable

From their website:

“Comic Book Short House is a reinforced outer shell in which a heavy-duty short box (sold separately) will slide. This combination allows you to stack boxes up to six boxes high, while still being able to instantly access any one of the boxes' contents without rearranging stacks of heavy comic boxes.”

This stackable system makes it very easy for collectors to access their comics no matter where they sit in the “stack.”


The BCW Comic Book Short House has a nice solid construction that should protect both the comics in the house and below it. The design is simple enough and easy to put together and it comes with an inner sleeve to add extra support. The comic book box just slides in and out but the owner needs to be careful as there is no stop to keep it from being easily pulled out as there is about a ¼ inch gap at the top between the box and the house. You will need to use your common sense to tell you when to stop.

Once nice thing, and also a drawback, is that you can use any of your pre-existing comic book boxes to serve as the “box” for the comic house. I tried many of my comic boxes, and they all fit, but some of them didn’t fit as well as the ones directly from BCW. There was a gap of about ½ of an inch. If I didn’t have BCW boxes, I would worry about the angle of hang that a pulled out drawer could handle.

Vital Specs

Cost: 1- $5.00 each. 10 - $3.25 each
Size: 9" wide, 161/2" deep, and 12 3/4" tall. (They also have a long version available.)
Capacity: About 150-175 Bagged and Boarded Comics

Pros and Cons

  • Solid Construction
  • Stackable Design
  • Maximizes Space
  • Price Break At Larger Quantities
  • Can Use Existing Storage boxes
  • Cost – You will need to buy larger amounts to keep the cost down.
  • You need to buy the box separate.
  • No feature to keep the box from stopping to slide out.

In Conclusion

Overall, the BCW Comic Book Short House is a good deal. You can use your pre-existing comic book boxes to slide into the house and not even disturb your collection. Although this is a nice feature, the knowledge that if you don’t have BCW boxes they might not fit as well will lead you to consider buying their boxes.
This leads to my biggest complaint with the system. There is no option to buy them together, box and house, or even a price break if you do. If you look at the numbers for just one you have to spend $5.00 for the house and $4.25 for box. That’s $9.00 for the total system. If that was it, so would be this review. $9.00 for a short storage box is a little to steep for a box when there are better designs on the market.

The break for the system comes in that you can just buy the house, or if you want you can get them in quantities of ten for a total of $60.00 (box and house together). That’s just $6.00 per box, a little more than what a regular comic book box costs nowadays. Combine that with the fact that you can just get the house for $37.25 for ten, and you have the makings of a decent deal. Overall, the Short Comic House from BCW is pretty decent. The trouble for me comes in getting that bang for your buck. You will need to commit a decent amount of resources to get the most out of the system. This might not be a big deal for those of you out there with large collections already, but for the beginner, plopping down $60.00 for comics yet purchased can be quite difficult. Still, if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive (overall) way into the comic book storage system, then you might want to give BCW Supplies a try.

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