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ComicLock Review


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When it comes to high value comic books, the thought of displaying your expensive books fills many people with dread and worry. There is so much that can happen to a comic book on display. Sun damage, theft, and unwanted hands touching them are just a few things that can happen. The only way to keep them safe is in a locked safe or some other place hidden from view. This is such a shame as these comics have some of the best art filled with iconic characters and drawn by top notch creators. A new company has come around to give collectors a way to display their comic books and keep them safe as well. Their first product is called ComicLock.

Vital Specs

Cost: $299
Size: 14 ¾” in width x 18 ¾” in height
Weight: 9 lbs.
Capacity: Any one comic book. It can be bagged and boarded or in a protective sleeve like CGC.

Pros and Cons

  • Heavyweight Construction
  • Security Minded Design
  • Archival Museum Quality Acrylic Glass
  • Easy Access
  • The ability to showcase any comic book with magnetized brackets.
  • Cost – It is nearly three hundred dollars.
  • Installation – You will need to have someone install it or install it yourself.
  • Weak wall screws. I would use different wall screws and would look to screw it into a stud in the wall.

The Purpose

Many comic book collectors have certain comic books that they value more than others and for good reason. Classic comic books can be worth hundreds of dollars to some worth millions. It is a shame to keep these pieces of comic art history locked in box somewhere and not on display, but the risks of having your comic out are too great. ComicLock seeks to change that by providing a high quality wall safe that doubles as a frame. You get to showcase your comic books and keep them safe from sun, theft, and wandering hands all in one.

From their website:

Finally, beautiful display protection is within your grasp. ComicLock showcases your comic book in a patented framing system that all great art would be honored to be displayed in. Sleek and stunning in design, the ComicLock display can adapt to any existing motif or stand brilliantly alone as a centerpiece of pride.

And the ComicLock combination of our patented lock system and superior construction protects your passion from evildoers, mishaps and harmful UV rays.

ComicLock Logo

Copyright ComicLock


One of the things that stood out to me is the thought and design that went into constructing ComicLock. They have put an enormous amount of effort into covering the bases of damage that could occur on display and the ways a thief would take to access such an item. The glass is made of a 98% UV blocking acrylic glass that has been encased internally to prevent breaking in. The hinges of the ComicLock are pin staked to they cannot be knocked out and the entire device is made of a heavyweight metal but looks stylish and sleek.

There are many great innovations that I thoroughly enjoyed as well. The frame is actually attached by magnets so that it is easy to remove and access the lock on the side. This also allows you to swap out frames if you wish with different colors to keep the appearance looking fresh.

The bracket system is another great idea. The top and bottom bracket that holds the comic book in place are removable and held in place by neodymium magnets with a pull weight of 15 lbs each. They are quite powerful and I was astonished in how strong they were. This allows you to put just about any kind of comic book in the system for display and with any protective cover. I would personally be very careful about putting a high value comic that is just bagged and boarded into the bracket system. I would use a different comic of the same size and set the measurement with that, then slide my more valuable comic book in from the side. In looking closely at my review copy, one can easily see the quality construction and thought that went into this product.

What’s Not To Like?

Well for starters, this is not for every collector. You need to have some high priced comic books to justify the almost three hundred dollar price tag. If you are the kind of person that has those kinds of comic books, then I doubt three hundred dollars will stop you. Just know that there is a reason for that price with the quality construction and design. You are buying more than a frame; you are purchasing a safe displaying system that will keep your item much more protected in the long run.

My biggest complaint with the package would be the screws that they provide with the product. You receive four screws and four drywall inserts to screw the case into. To me, this isn’t what I would expect to receive as a suggested aspect of the system. Drywall inserts, while will certainly work to hold the case in place, do not provide the adequate theft protection needed in my mind as a competent thief will just rip the system out of the wall with their bare hands. I would have much preferred longer wood screws that would be used to screw them into a stud so as to make it much more difficult to rip them out of the wall.

Also, as stated before, I would worry about using the bracket system with a comic book that is just bagged and boarded. It isn’t an error with the system that I would worry about, but rather user error that I could see causing damage to a comic book. If you try placing the brackets on the comic or slide them onto the comic with just a bag and board, you risk bending it or crimping the sides or corners of that comic. As stated, I would premeasure the distance with another comic or ruler then slide the more valuable comic in. Personally, I would still rather have a comic of high value in a more durable case, and it is great that ComicLock will work well with that.

The final thing to mention is that no security system is foolproof. If you tell everyone where the keys are hidden and someone close to you takes it, then that is on you and not ComicLock. The other thing is that if someone truly wants to break into the system, then they will undoubtedly do so. The thing that ComicLock truly provides is lots of ways to stall a thief and since time is of the essence, I think your comic will be quite safe in this system. One could imagine the comedy of errors when the thief grabs the frame and pulls, only to fall on their backside when it comes off of the case due to the magnets. Then trying to smash the glass, only to find that it won’t break so easily. All of these will waste their precious time and cause them to seek other, less nailed down items.

In Conclusion

This is a high quality constructed piece for a valuable comic such as a Silver Age or Golden Age comic book. I have no doubt that you will enjoy the features of the system, with its easy access to the lock, making it simple to swap out comics, or the security features put into the product. It is a great concept that many fans will surely find a place for in their homes and I highly recommend the system overall. It looks great and will look even better with a great comic displayed inside for all to see, but few to touch.
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