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Top 10 Frank Miller Comic Books


Frank Miller has become a legend in the comic book industry. Slated with helping usher in the dark and gritty world of comics, Frank Miller quickly rose to fame on the comic book Daredevil and stunned the comic book world with his portrayal of Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. Later embracing a more simplistic approach with his Sin City crime noir comic books, Frank Miller has turned the comic book world upside down with his stunning visuals and hard boiled writing talents. Take a look at the best that the multi award winning comic book creator has given the world of comic books.

1. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

This comic book rocketed Frank Miller to superstar status. Along with Watchmen, by fellow scribe Alan Moore, this comic series showed the comic book world that it was ready for darker, edgier, and more graphic comic books. The Dark Knight Returns shows us an older Batman, forced out of retirement to reclaim Gotham City. This comic book was heralded by critics and fans alike and influenced many creators to follow suit with comic books themed for adults. If you haven’t read this series, do yourself a favor and pick it up.

2. Sin City: The Hard Goodbye

After hard times with DC, Frank Miller went over to Dark Horse and started things off with a set of short comics that ran in Dark Horse Presents, and then was collected into the trade paperback Sin City: The Hard Goodbye. The first in the Sin City line of comics, this was Miller’s first foray into the crime noir that he has made famous. This great tale of a hard man pushed over the edge made a great transition to the big screen in Sin City. See where Miller started off to infamy with this tale of revenge, lust, and pain.

3. Daredevil Visionaries Vol 2

This collection showcases Daredevil #168-182 and this is the first time that Frank Miller takes on both the writing and art details after rising to fame on the same comic book as the artist of Daredevil. This series shows many huge firsts for Daredevil, including the introduction of Elektra and subsequent killing of the character by the villain Bullseye. For a first hand look at where Frank Miller started his rise in the world of comics, look no further than this collection.

4. Sin City: That Yellow Bastard

This Sin City yarn was the first time Miller chose to use color in his otherwise black and white series. The character of the Yellow Bastard is in stark contrast to the rest of the scenes. Typical with the other Sin City tales, this comic is hard, fast, and graphic. That Yellow Bastard tells the story of police officer Hartigan, on his last few days on the police force, going up against the powerful Roark family to save a little girl and later a beautiful grown woman. Showing us the city that loves to thrill, this award winning tale is one of Miller’s greats.

5. Batman: Year One

Originally running as Batman #404-407, this comic book series recounts how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. This comic retconned (changed the original series history to fit modern times or storylines), and has been adopted by many as a faithful retelling of the Batman story. Batman: Year One starts off the story that is finished in The Dark Knight Returns.

6. Sin City: Family Values

With the kind of families in Sin City, a title like Family Values should fill you with misgiving. This award winning tale of a long trail of vengeance brings back one of Miller’s favorite characters, the young assassin Miho, Dwight, and the girls of Old Town. Dwight and Miho are out for blood, taking revenge for the senseless murder of one of their own. A classic tale from Miller, and one Sin City tale of many worth reading.

7. Daredevil: Elektra Lives Again

This graphic novel brings back to life the assassin that Miller originally killed in the pages of Daredevil. Matt Murdock must learn to live without the woman that was taken from her so viciously by the murderous Bullseye. The oversize format that this collection can be found it really shows what Miller can do both in terms of writing and in artistic ability. Be sure to add this award winning graphic novel to your list of must haves.

8. Martha Washington: Give Me Liberty

Another award winning tale from Miller, this tells the story of a young African American girl that rises out of poverty in an oppressive American future to help reshape a country taken over by corporations and extremist groups. This collection is the first in a series of five about the hero Martha in this satire and tale of American politics.

9. 300

300 is Miller’s take on the historical account of the battle of Thermopylae where King Xerxes was hampered and stalled by 300 Spartans and a small army of countryside warriors. Miller takes a lot of artistic license with this piece, and the result is a stunning visual account of how 300 men stopped an empire. This Eisner Award winning comic book is a great tale and perfect addition to any collector of Frank Miller’s works.

10. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - Daredevil Legends Vol 3

Another retelling, but this time the person of focus is Daredevil. This mini series retells the path that Matt Murdock takes to become the man without fear. Much like Batman: Year One, the story focuses more on the path that the character takes to becoming a superhero and less on the costumes and spandex itself.

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