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Name: Stan “The Man” Lee - Stanley Martin Leiber

Birth-date: December 28, 1922

Title: Writer/Editor/Art Director

Characters Created/Co Created:
Fantastic Four
Dr. Strange
Iron Man
Incredible Hulk

Claim to Fame:

During the 1950’s Stan Lee, with artists like Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, helped rejuvenate Marvel comics by helping to create a large portion of Marvel’s key characters. He was later the editor as well as chief script writer and art director of Marvel, at the same time. After ceasing his editing and writing duties, he remained on at Marvel as its public figure and spokesperson. He has also gone on to be executive producer of the X-Men and Spider-Man movies.

Interesting Fact:

Stan Lee sued Marvel for what he felt was his share of profits from the Marvel comic book movies. He won his case in Supreme Court, but Marvel lawyers plan to appeal.
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