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Jim Lee Profile



Jim Lee


August 11, 1964


Manager of Wildstorm Comics

Characters/Comics Created:

Divine Right

Claim To Fame:

Jim Lee started out as a hot artist and cemented his place in comic book history by forming Image Comics with 6 other famous artists.

Interesting Fact:

Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 holds the record for the most comics sold for one issue at over one million copies, thanks due to the fact to the many variant covers. (I believe I own them all.)

Personal Website:

Sun of Gelatometti – Blog that Jim Lee adds to.


Jim Lee first gained popularity as a comic book artist for Marvel Comics working on titles like “Alpha Flight,” and “Punisher: War Journal.” It wasn’t until he started to work on The Uncanny X-Men, that he really began to gain an audience and gain more control over his work. With the launch of a second X-Men title, labeled just, “X-Men,” Jim Lee became a superstar among comic book artists.

Later, Jim Lee and 6 other artists formed Image comics, of which Jim Lee’s part of the company was labeled Wildstorm. The company was a collective of different creator owned studios under one publishing company. Many people expected the company to fail, but it has continued to prove itself as a viable and profitable company. In 1998 however, Jim Lee broke Wildstorm off from Image and sold the company to DC Comics. Jim Lee still runs the company as a separate entity, but under the DC Comics banner.

Lately, Jim Lee has gone back to his roots as an illustrator, doing runs on both Superman and Batman. Notably, he has recently been working on another Batman series with creator Frank Miller and plans to return to the comic book that he created, WildC.A.T.S. with writer Grant Morrison.

Regardless of where Jim Lee turns his attention too, you can be sure that his fan base will follow. Jim Lee continues to prove himself as one of the top comic book artists out there.

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