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Jack "The King" Kirby


Name: Jacob Kurtzberg

Birth-date: August 28, 1917

Died: February 6, 1994

Characters Created/Co Created:
Fantastic Four
Captain America
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Doctor Doom
Silver Surfer
Black Panther
The New Gods
Devil Dinosaur
The Eternals
Challengers of the Unknown

Claim to Fame:

Jack Kirby is considered to be one of the great comic book artists. His style has been adopted and emulated by countless artists since. The speed at which Kirby worked was amazing. During his career, he has drawn around 25,000 pages of comic book art. His influence on both Marvel and DC comics in regards to his character creations has been immense. Most if not all of his characters are still widely popular today.

Interesting Fact:

Jack Kirby helped set precedence for creator owned when he went into a deal with Pacific Comics to publish Kirby's Captain Victory. Kirby would remain the owner of the rights to Captain Victory and receive royalties from the sale of the comic book.
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