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Brian Michael Bendis



Brian Michael Bendis


August 18, 1967


Comic Book Artist (Previously)
Comic Book Writer/Creator (Currently)

Characters/Comics Created:

AKA Goldfish

Claim To Fame:

Brian Michael Bendis is one of the top selling comic book writers of all time.

Interesting Fact:

Bendis has been awarded 5 Eisner Awards for his work as a comic book writer and artist.

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Brian Michael Bendis has become one of the hottest comic book writers in recent years. He is often referred to as a workhorse in the industry as he is often writing multiple comic books at the same time.

Brian got his first break into comic books with the crime noir graphic novels “Jinx”, and “AKA Goldfish”, and “Torso”. It wasn’t until his ongoing series work on his creator owned comic book, “Powers” that people really began to take notice about this comic writer. His work on the “Powers” comic book led to a job with Marvel where he helped launch the Ultimate line of comics where they update and redo the history of popular characters for younger audiences. The Ultimate line has since expanded to include such titles as the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and others.

Bendis also won two Eisner Awards for his work on Daredevil, with Alex Maleev. Brian has since become a writer that has begun to shape the continuity of comic book worlds and how Marvel comics is run. He has helped Marvel launch two other imprints, the MAX line (with mature content) and the Icon line where his series “Powers” now resides. He continues to rewrite comic book continuity with his work on “New Avengers” and “Spider-Woman”.

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