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Get Started Collecting Comics


Welcome to the world of comic book collecting. This is a fantastic hobby that is highly rewarding in many ways. Comic books are fun to read, engage the imagination, and can even be worth money over time. These resources will help you to get started in the hobby of collecting comic books with information on buying, selling, and protecting your valuable comic books.
  1. Collecting Comics 101
  2. Protecting Your Comics
  3. Introduction To Comic Characters
  1. Events, Conventions, And Organizations
  2. Comic Book Culture
  3. Creating Comics

Collecting Comics 101

Comic book collecting is a rewarding hobby. You get invested in your collection both financially and emotionally, making attachments to characters, creators, and publishers. Before you start your comic book collection, it will be helpful to learn the lingo and history of the comic book world.

Protecting Your Comics

Protecting your comic books is a key thing in maintaining and even increasing the monetary value of your comics. Make sure you know about all of your options when keeping your comic books safe and they will keep giving value for years to come.

Introduction To Comic Characters

The characters of comic books are what drives them forward into the hearts and minds of people. They sell comics, action figures, movie tickets, posters, and are a property in and of themselves. In fact, some publishers make the bulk of their profits on the merchandise related to comic book characters, and not the comics themselves. Find out more about the characters that litter the comic book world.

Events, Conventions, And Organizations

A big part of the comic book world are the events and conventions that happen throughout the year. These conventions have become larger and larger, bringing in tens of thousands of fans together to share their love of comic books. There are also the organizations that add so much to the world of comics with their non-profit works and events that shine the spotlight onto the world of comic books.

Comic Book Culture

Comic books have a culture all their own. They reflect and comment about what is going on in our society. Comics have been a place to discuss war, poverty, crime, sex, drugs, and many others issues. Some might say that comics have impacted society as well.

Creating Comics

Most people who read comic books have an idea for their own. Or at the very least, they are very interested in how comic books are made. It is a fascinating world full of big ideas, compromise, creativity, and hard work. If you are interested in creating your own comics, or just want to find out more about how they are made, read on.

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