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Top 10 Places for Free or Cheap Comics


Everyone loves free or cheap comics. The thrill of finding that special item and getting it for a steal is a great rush. What's more, you can really make your dollar go further for your collection. Also, you can find great places to get free comic books! Here are the top ten places where you can find free or cheap comics.

1. Library

You may not know this, but your public library is a great place to read comic books. Libraries all over carry graphic novels, manga, and comic book related material. They are often in the science fiction and fantasy fiction section and in the comic non-fiction section. Another cool thing is that you can even request certain comics and they will often buy them for you. The great thing is that they are absolutely free.

2. Free Comic Book Day

Free Comic Book Day happens once a year where many publishers offer free comic books through your local comic book store. There are many titles to choose from and the best thing is that they are free. Different stores will do different things so be sure to check them all out. Free Comic Book Day is a great way to get free comics, check out new stories, and help support your local comic book store.

3. Forums/Classifieds

Forums of comic book fan sites, such as the one at About.com have places that people that are always looking to get rid of their comic books. There are also forum sites such as Craigslist provide places for people to post free classifieds. Be careful about dealing long distance as you may get scammed.

4. Comic Book Store

Your local comic book store is a great place to find cheap comics. They will often have sales to clear out back issues, and these can be a great way to score that comic you have been eying for some time. They may also have a cheap comics bin, for those, “less desirable,” comics. Comic book stores also will sometimes offer discounts if you open a, “box,” with them. This is where you commit to buying a certain amount of comics and when they come in to the store, they set aside what you want.

5. Conventions

A convention is a great place to find cheap comics. There are many vendors there and with the competition high, the pricing will reflect this. Take a walk around and see who is offering the greatest deal. If a retailer doesn’t have a certain comic, but another one does, ask if they will meet or beat the competitor’s price. Another trick is to wait until the end of the convention. Many dealers won’t want to drag their items home and may offer steeper discounts.

6. Ebay

Ebay can be a great place to find cheap comic books. Due to the nature of the auction format, many sellers put their comics up at a low starting amount to avoid high insertion fees. This gives the buyer a great chance at scoring a comic book, series, or even collection. Be careful, the temptation to overbid and win the prize may be great, but it won’t get you that comic for cheap. Let it go and check later for the same comic as you will often find multiple listings of the same comic.

7. Flea Market/Garage Sales

The classic place to find used items is the flea market and/or garage sale. Garage sales are seasonal and will mostly be found on the weekends. Many flea markets are inside and can be found year round. The great place about flea markets and garage sale is the chance to get a bargain. Always offer a lower amount than what is advertised. Do your research on what you buy though and it might be a good idea to bring along a price guide as well. Your local paper will have more information.

8. Internet Retailers/Sites

There are many great internet sites that have back issues and current comic books at great discounts. Comic book sites such as Mile High Comics offer steep discounts on current comics and back issues. If you check around and keep an eye on the site, you can get the best discount when items go on sale. Other sites, like WOWIO offer free downloads of comics.

9. Publisher Sites

Many publishers of comic books have started to offer some of their comic books to download or watch online. This is a great way to see if a series is the right one for you. Generally though, the publishers will only offer certain comics, and a lot of times the comics are only the first issue, so you might not find what you are looking for.

10. Thrift Store

Your local thrift stores such as Goodwill, Value Village, and the Salvation Army often have cheap comic books. You just have to look around and may even have to ask one of the workers, as they are often behind the front counter. You may also check the book section. Be careful, as they have often not been treated all that well, but you just may luck out and find something valuable, or at least a good read.
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