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Comic Book New Years Resolutions

Take A Chance In Your Comic Collecting


Each year many of us make new years resolutions. Some to lose weight, others to learn something new, and countless other resolutions we may never get to. For the comic fan, make a resolution you know you will keep. Check out this list of ideas for a new years comic book resolution.

Check Out A New Comic Book

There are more and more comic books coming onto the scene everyday. Granted, some are better than others, but you might be surprised to see the kind of quality comics that are coming out from many of the smaller comic book publishers. “The Big Two” don’t have the stranglehold on all the great comics, do yourself a favor and read something new this year. Try some books from SLG, IDW, or Bluewater Productions, who all put out some great books.

Buy A Piece Of Comic Art

Copyright Aaron Albert
Is there a better way to add a valuable piece to your collection, show your comic book pride, and get something so cool that you can display on your wall? I doubt it. Comic book art is quickly becoming something that is being an acceptable thing to showcase in your home with the rise in profile of the superhero. You can start of small with something inexpensive, or go for the big ones with classic work by some of comics greatest. Either way, you will get something that will be a conversation starter and something great to look at every day.

Introduce Comics To A Friend

You most likely have friends who aren’t into comic books. There might be even one or two that still think comic books are for kids. Show them they are missing out on something good by giving them a comic book. Make sure it is a good, top quality comic book and they will surely see the value in what you spend so much time, money, and effort in. You could consider buying them a subscription or get them a gift card to your favorite comics shop. Make an experience by volunteering to be their safari guide through the world of comics and show them the ropes. Eventually that young Padawan will become a Jedi in no time.

Write A Letter

Long time listener, first time caller. Be that person this year by writing to your favorite comic book. Let them know what you like and dislike about it. Ask questions. Go nuts! You just might hear back from your favorite creator or get published in the comic. Be sure that they still publish letters however. At the very least you can get your voice heard and make a contact as well. Just dont' stalk them - stalking is bad.

Go To A Convention

Copyright Eli Loehrke
A convention is wonderful place for a comic book lover. You can meet creators, get comics, attend panels, and just bask in the glory of the comic book goodness. Comic book conventions have so much to offer the comic fan, and more and more of them are springing up. You can try for a local or smaller convention, or trek on out to one of the larger ones. Conventions like the Emerald City Comic Conj, the New York Comic Con, Wondercon, or Megacon are all great conventions to check out. If you feel really daring, you might check out the big daddy of them all, the San Diego Comic Con International. Do yourself a favor and go to a convention.

Read An "Indy" Comic Book

Copyright Top Shelf Comics
Superhero comics aren’t the only comic books out there you know. There are a lot of great comic books that are about everyday life, days gone by, political issues, or just plain old zombies. Indy comics are coming out more and more with many new small press publishers. The variety is amazing and you can be sure to find something you’ll like. Smaller publishers like Top Shelf, Oni Press, or even Fantagraphics all have something for the adventurous.

Start A Comic Book Blog

With free blog software like Wordpress, and free blog sites like Livejournal and Typepad, there are so many ways for people to join the comic book blogging community. You just might become the latest thing in the comic book world. Sharing your ideas and thoughts about the comic book world will bring you closer to the source material you love and enjoy. In most cases, it will only cost you a little time.

Create Your Own Comic

Take the plunge and jump on in to creating your own comic this next year. You might start off small with some webcomic style bits, or just jump into an area of the creation process. Write a script, draw a story, practice inking and coloring. You never know, you might be the next big comic book star.

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