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The Top Indicators That Your Comic Is Valuable

How To Know If Your Comic Is Worth Cash Or Trash


People coming into possession of comic books all the time with most not knowing what to do with them. How can you tell that the comic you have in your hands is worth anything? Check out this list of items to give you an idea if your comic book might be worth anything.

The key phrase here is might. Even if every indicator below is met, the comic book still might not be worth much of anything. The market is a fickle beast and sometimes comic books shoot up in value for a time then come crashing down. This is more true with newer comic books, but can also be true for older ones.


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One of the first things you should look for to see if a comic book is valuable is to find out how old it is. Ideally you are looking for comic books that are from the 70's or earlier as these have the biggest chance of being valuable.

Low Issue Number

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Usually when it comes to a valuable comic book, the lower the issue number the better. Number ones are typically worth more than most. This isn't always true, as Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, has recently gone for over one million dollars. Still though, having a comic book with a low issue number is another good indicator that it is worth something. Be careful though as in recent years publishers will relaunch a comic to get new interest such as in The New 52 where DC Comics completely rebooted their franchise. The Action Comics from that launch is worth quite a bit less than the Action Comics #1 from 1938.


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The grade of a comic book is how good or bad its condition is. A comic book that is tore up, well read, or bent is worth far less than a comic book that is in pristine condition. This can still be very relative, because a very low graded copy of Action Comics #1 is still worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars range.

Popular Characters

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There are those characters that everyone knows - Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Hulk - these are the characters that are typically worth the big time. The difference in price between Detective Comics #26 and Detective Comics #27 is a little more than one million dollars. Having those popular characters in your comic book will make it worth so much more.

First Appearances

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The first appearance of a character can make that comic book skyrocket. It could be either a popular hero character or even a terrible villain. Either case, if there is the first appearance or an origin story of a character in the comic, that can really make it worth a lot more.

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