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What You Can Do With A Graded Comic Book


The Power Of The Grade:

Knowing the grade of your comic book is the first step in many processes for the comic book collector. When you truly know what condition your comic book is in you will be able to find the value, use a price guide, buy, sell, trade, and manage your comic book collection.

Find The Value:

This is, without a doubt, the number one question I get as a comic book guide. Finding the value of a comic book is fun and often necessary to avoid getting scammed as a buyer as well as to get the best price as a seller.

Use A Price Guide:

A price guide is used in finding the current price for a comic book. The value can change all the time, even month to month like a stock. There are many kinds of price guides, from book publications like the famous Overstreet Price Guide, to online sites like www.comicpriceguide.com.


Buying a graded comic book should come with a great sense of safety. The problem as stated before, is the subjectivity of grading. When buying online, be sure that the seller offers a money back guaranty. If you are shopping at a local comic book store, garage sale, want ad, or from a friend, be sure to handle the comic and judge for yourself, but be careful, if you damage the item you will be expected to pay for it.


Giving an honest assessment of a comic book is vital when selling it. This will greatly protect you as the seller from any backlash from angry sellers. Just like in buying, you may want to have some kind of return policy stated to curb angry buyers. Selling comics is a lot of fun, and being honest will insure that you will be able to keep selling them in the future.

Manage Your Collection:

Once you know the grade and value of a comic book, you can start to truly manage your collection. There are many kinds of software out there to manage a collection, both that cost money and can be gotten for free.

Protect Your Investment:

Protection is key when you know the grade of a comic book. One slight crease could easily lower the grade on a comic book and it will certainly dethrone a comic book with a “Mint” condition. It’s good to have at least the basics down in comic book protection.

Final Thoughts:

Grading your comics is a vital part of the comic book collection. As you can see there is so much you can do with the knowledge of a graded comic. Protect your self and others with the true condition of your comic books. Happy grading!
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