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An Introduction To Collecting Comic Books


What Is A Comic Book?:

The word "comic" has many meanings. It can be a comedian, a newspaper cartoon strip, or even a full blown graphic novel. Generally speaking, when referring to comic books you are talking about a story told through sequential art.

Comics have been around for quite some time - some even comparing cave art and hieroglyphics as the first comics. Comics have had a wonderful and colorful history and have flourished in America.

Comic Book Terms:

Just like in any other hobby, the world of comic books has its own language. Get informed about the terms used in the comic book world.


Buying comic books is one of the first steps in collecting and enjoying this art form. For the casual collector, grabbing new comics off the shelf from a local comic shop will greatly satisfy you. There is another world to comics however, with the rise in rare and hard to find comics, a whole other side industry has erupted.


Sometimes, you have to get rid of your comic books. Some people do it for a living, but for the collector, this can be a hard step to take, and is full of dangers. Be prepared when you are selling your comics.


When you have something valuable, you want to protect it. We have locks for houses and cars, passwords for accounts, and insurance to protect us when something goes wrong. Protecting a comic book collection can be no different. Make sure you know what to do when it comes to protecting your collection.


Comic Books are published by many different companies, each with their own comic book titles.

Comic Book Publishers


There are hundreds of comic book titles to choose from. Many are about superheroes, but you aren't limited to that. You can find comics that are of all kinds of different genres including, westerns, drama, comedy, and science fiction, to name a few. There are comic books for kids with cartoon characters as well as comics for adults with mature themes. You just have to look around and you will surely find something that will suite your fancy.


The world of comic books are filled with colorful characters, some household names such as Superman or Spider-Man. These characters drive the stories that delight fans the world over. When looking for a new comic, you might find a character that appeals to you and check out that title. Here are some places to start.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, the comic book world has a lot to offer both casual and serious collectors. The more you get into comics, the more you will find just the right series for you.
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