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How Much Is My Autographed Comic Book Of Obama Worth?


How Much Is My Autographed Comic Book Of Obama Worth?

Barack Obama Appears In Spider-Man

Question: How Much Is My Autographed Comic Book Of Obama Worth?

I have five limited Marvel edition comic books that feature President Obama. These comic books where specifically made about him and Spider-Man.

They have only been opened once and that was so the President could sign them. They are all signed. I also have a letter of authentication of them being signed by the President by the Prime Minister of Australia herself who asked him to sign them for me.

How do I find out the value of them? How should I look after them? Should they be insured?

Any advice would be appreciated, it was all due to circumstance I purchased the comic books and it was by my pure chance and boldness that I approached my Prime Minister to ask the President to sign them when he visited my work place here in Australia.

Answer: Great question! Autographs can be a funny thing as often the buyer will be purchasing the item more for the autograph than the actual comic book. I think it helps in your case since this was a special issue featuring the president that made a lot of waves when it made its debut.

The biggest thing for most collectors is going to be the authenticity of the signature. You have a special situation in that the Prime Minister signed a letter to prove their authenticity. Still though, this might not be enough. If you are looking to sell them, I would still suggest getting into contact with an autograph authenticity company like James Spence Authentication (JSA). This will help with any doubt in your comic book signature’s validity.

The biggest question I have in my mind is what is Obama’s signature worth? Items on eBay signed by the President have gone for as much as five thousand dollars and as little as twenty five dollars. Similar comics in question with Obama's signature are being sold right now for as much as two-thousand dollars and as little as two-hundred. Seeing such massive fluctuation in the price would lead me to believe the item will be at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of value.

With that in mind, I wouldn’t look to insure them individually, but would just make sure my renters or home owners insurance would cover this kind of thing. I would however make sure that they are protected well. Your best bet would be to ship them to CGC for grading and encapsulating. This would give them a great amount of protection and would also give them that desired third party grade as well.

In the end, how much you want to do with them is up to you. Since the value of them right now seems to be on the lower side, I wouldn’t want to put a ton of money into the project as it can be spendy to get them graded and adequately protected. If I were going to sell them I would probably send one to test out the waters and see if it was worth it. The problem in your case though is that you are so far away from the USA that it could be dangerous to have it shipped overseas. At any rate, good luck on your endeavor and congrats on the signing.

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