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Selling Your Comics

Selling your comic books is a serious thing to many collectors. Your comic books become much more than just a possession and take on something else, more like a treasured artifact than just a story with pictures.

If you are taking a more cold and calculating route, then selling is just a part of the business. I know a comic book collector who also happend to own a comic book store. To get his back issue bin going, he put his entire collection up for sale. Were talking tens of thousands of comics. Something that would be incredibly hard for someone like me to do.

When a collector is serious about parting with his collection though, they can make an enormous amount of money. Take actor Nicolas Cage, a self proclaimed comic book fanatic. The one time Superman hopeful put his collection up for auction and pulled in a cool 1.68 million dollars. And that was just for the comics, not to mention the other comic book art and other items that brought him over 5 million dollars.

Tips For Selling Success

If you are looking to make the most amount of money in selling your comics then you need to approach selling with patience, cunning, and knowledge. Here are some tips when selling your comics.
  • When working with a comic book store, ask to set up a consignment. Most comic shops cannot give you a great price on comics as they need to make a profit.
  • When selling through online auctions, check to see if there are other auctions of the same kind going on. This will keep you from competing with them directly.
  • Also check online to see what the current real time price is for your comic. This may give you an idea of what to expect and whether you want to wait or sell right now.
  • If you really have something of value, check with the professionals. Auction houses like Heritage Auctions or Pacific Comic Exchange Inc specialize in rare and valuable comics. They know how to market highly sought after collections that will bring in top dollar.
  • Try to have some fun with it. If it’s not any fun, then it might not be truly worth it.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, investing in comics can be a fun and profitable endeavor. It can also be signal big time financial trouble if you are not careful. As with any investing, you may want to talk to a financial consultant before doing anything.

Just take it slow and be cautious about spending too much money, too fast and you should be fine. The old saying is very true here, “If it’s too good to be true, than it probably is.” Watch out for scams, be honest in selling, and have fun expanding your collection empire.

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