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Ten Types Of Collectors

Which Kind Of Collector Are You?


There are many types of collectors in the comic book world. When looking at using comic books as an investment, it is important to figure out what kind of collector you are. Depending on how you view collecting will greatly determine if using comic books as an investment is right for you. Here are ten different types of collectors and their views on comic books.
  1. The Investor
    This type of collector views comic books as one thing – money. They view their comics as stocks and a way to acquire wealth. Very little emotional ties are held to their comic books. They buy, sell, and trade with ease with only one thing in mind – how much money they can make.

  2. The Obsessive Collector
    The obsessive collector will not rest until they have every issue of their favorite series. The comics are catalogued, indexed, with maybe even an excel file of missing issues and the condition and worth of current issues in their collection. They are protected well in bags and boards and held in the correct type of storage bins. To part with anything in their collection is very difficult and would take a large some of money, or something else they desire more.

  3. The Quick Buck
    This collector is mostly motivated by quick cash. They buy as many copies of an issue as they can, if they think they can sell it quickly at an inflated price. They are constantly scooping out what is the latest or hottest thing. If the price is right, they will quickly sell things from their collection.

  4. The Inheritor
    This person acquired their collection from a friend or relative. The collection is more of a hassle than a treasure. They wonder how they can get rid of the collection quickly and for how much.

  5. The Curator
    The Curator is the person who sees comics as art and to be valued and displayed as such. Their comics are to be seen and read, but treasured. Special steps are taken to protect their comic books, even to the extent of special frames. Comic book art is something that may become part of the collection as well. While they may read them from time to time, bare hands are out of the question. Don’t you know how much that is worth?

  6. The Average Joe
    This collector sees comics as a great, enjoyable, and fun hobby. While steps may be taken to protect their comics, they are often banished to basements, attics, and other undesirable places. The Average Joe collector loves both the story, and the thought that their comics are gaining in value. There is a strong emotional investment in their comics and the thought of parting with them is difficult. Dreams of owning that rare comic or art are aplenty, but the money just isn’t there.

  7. The Graphic Novelist Collector
    The Graphic Novelist Collector is quickly becoming a popular lifestyle for many comic readers. Graphic Novels are generally cheaper than buying comics individually and one can read an entire story arc in one sitting. Although not worth as much as individual comic books, the Graphic Novel collector is more concerned with a great read at a great price.

  8. The Ebayer
    Ebay has offered up a great source of comic books to many collectors. The Ebayer is thrilled with the rush of the auction, watching the items they are selling or buying go up in price. The Ebayer is ecstatic when they get a good deal or an auction sells well. Reading is generally a part of this collectors life, but it may be unsure whether which is more important, the act of auctioning or reading a great comic book.

  9. The Part Timer
    This collector comes in and out of collecting, often stopping and starting with different series. They are not attracted to any one series for long and their collection can be rather piecemeal. They hope that what they have is worth something though, and may just have that one rare issue, due to their comic book hopping.

  10. The Reader
    This type of collector uses their floor as a comic book storage bin. Sometimes they may have a comic rolled up and stashed in their back pocket. Tears, folds, and rips are meaningless. What truly matters is the story, the story man! Comics are read for pleasure and not collected for profit.

Which One Are You?

You should obviously take this list with a grain of salt. You probably have something in common with many of these types of collectors. The point is, if you are more like The Reader than The Investor, then you might not want to use comics as an investment.

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