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Collecting Comics - Buying, Selling, and Protecting Your Comics

Great information on buying, selling, and protecting your comic books. Information if you are just starting out or are a serious collector.
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How Did You Start Collecting Comic Books
How did you become a comic book collector? Share your experience with others.

Comic Books 101 - Comic Book Collecting Information for Beginners
A introductory article about comic book collecting. Find basic information about comic books such as collecting, buying, selling, protecting, definitions, pubilishers, and more. Get started collecting comic books today.

Comic Book Value 101
Find out some tips and tricks in discovering the value of your comic books.

An Introduction To Collecting Comic Books
An introduction to collecting comic books.

The Top Things Every Comic Book Collector Should Have Or Know About
Enter the collecting world safe knowing what every collector should have or know.

Finding the Value of Your Comics
Knowing how much your comic book is worth is very important. Find out the value of your comics in this article from Aaron Albert, comic book guide for About.com.

How To Grade Your Comic Book
Find out how to grade your comic book. You will find a list of grading terms and their definitions to compare them to your comic book so you can make a better decision as to what grade your comic book is.

How To Use A Price Guide
Find out just how to use a comic book price guide. A comic book price guide is used to determine the monetary value of a comic book.

The Top Eleven Most Valuable Comic Books
A list of the most valuable comic books on the market today.

The Top Indicators That Your Comic Is Valuable
Check out these indicators to see if your comic book is actually worth something.

Top Ten Places for Free or Cheap Comics
Find out about the top ten places to get cheap or free comic books. You won't believe the places you can find cheap or free comic books.

Does An Autograph Increase The Value Of My Comic Book?
Find out if an autograph will increase or decrease the value of a comic book.

Collectorz.com Comic Collector Pro 3.3 by Guest Reviewer Ben Sweetser
A review of Collectorz.com Comic Collector Pro 3.3 by guest reviewer Ben Sweetser.

Comic Book New Years Resolutions
Each year many of us make new years resolutions. Some to lose weight, others to learn something new, and countless other resolutions we may never get to. For the comic fan, make a resolution you know you will keep. Check out this list of ideas for a new years comic book resolution.

Comic Books User Agreement
This is what you are agreeing to when you submit your work to be published on the comic book site at About.com.

Comic Collecting Software Reviews
A group of comic book software reviews by guest reviewer Ben Sweetser.

Comic Collector Live Review By Ben Sweetser
A review of Comic Collector Live, by guest reviewer Ben Sweetser.

ComicBase 11 Professional Edition By Guest Reviewer Ben Sweetser
A review of ComicBase 11 Professional Edition by guest reviewer Ben Sweetser.

Manga 101 - Basics of Manga - Definition, History, Art, and overview.
What is Manga? The history, artwork, definition, pronunciation, and overview of Manga. All you need to know about the basics of Manga.

Third Party Grading of Silver Age Comics
Find out if it is a good idea to grade a collection of silver age comic books through a third party.

How Much Is My Autographed Comic Book Of Obama Worth?
How much would a comic signed by Obama be worth?

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