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Top 10 Super Villains Of All Time


Everybody loves a good bad guy. Without super villains, would there even be any super heroes? Anybody can be bad, but to be considered a villain, you have to be ruthless, powerful, and sometimes, downright crazy. Take a look at a list of the top super villains of all time.

1. Galactus

Copryright Marvel Comics
The world-eater. When Galactus shows up, he becomes everyone’s problem. With a slew of cosmic powered henchmen at his side, Galactus is the one villain to beat. If you don’t, the result isn’t world domination, but world destruction. Galactus has destroyed countless worlds and killed billions of beings. His hunger will never end and therefore, neither will his destruction.

2. Lex Luthor

Copyright DC Comics
Genius, ex-president, criminal mastermind, businessman, sociopath. Superman’s number one bad guy is right near the top of the list of the all-time best super villains. While Lex doesn’t have magical powers, super strength, or any of the other things that make up the common super villain, he more than makes up this with his superior intellect and utter ruthlessness. Don’t get on his bad side. If you do, you can bet you won’t last long.

3. Magneto

Copryright Marvel Comics
The Yin to Professor X’s Yang, Magneto will not rest until humanity takes its rightful place, behind that of the world’s superior race, mutants. Magneto has been the leader of a group of mutants whose sole mission is to make a world where mutants rule and humans are left behind on the road of evolution. Adding to the fact that he is arguably one of the most, if not the most powerful super beings in the Marvel universe, Magneto is one of the greatest, tortured villains of all time.

4. Joker

Copyright DC Comics
The Joker is mad. Maybe that is what is so appealing about this character. Pain, morality, logical thinking, and every other normal human trait go out the window when one thinks of the Joker. Combine his sanity with his penchant ability with toxic chemicals, and you have the makings of an unpredictable madman that can bring those around him to their knees.

5. Dr. Doom

Copryright Marvel Comics
The ruler of Latveria is one of Marvel comic’s greatest foes. His intellect and master of the mystical arts makes this man one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. His thirst for world domination is only rivaled by his hunger to see Reed Richards dead and humiliated. Victor Von Doom is truly a villain you don’t want to trifle with.

6. Venom

Copryright Marvel Comics
Crazed, powerful, and maniacal all come to mind with one thinks of Venom. Venom isn’t a person per SE, rather the costume is the villain in this case. The Venom costume is a symbiotic creature that attaches itself to a host, granting super strength, speed, agility, and web slinging powers. In every instance, the prime motivation of the costume has been to take down Spider-Man. Fortunately for us, that hasn’t happened yet.

7. Darkseid

Copyright DC Comics
Darkseid has one goal, to rule the universe. Not a small task, but Darkseid only needs to discover the “Anti Life Equation” and he will succeed. His thirst for power is only matched by his super abilities. He has incredible strength and speed, and also possess a powerful Omega Beam with many untold powers. If Darkseid can find this Equation, that he believes is locked within the minds of earthlings, than our existence will be fearful indeed.

8. Ra's al Ghul

Copyright DC Comics
Ra’s al Ghul has been an iconic Batman super villain. His purpose is to cleanse the earth and restore it to an eden-like state. The problem is, that most of humanity needs to die in the process. Ra’s has lived for an incredibly long time, beating death with the use of his Lazarus Pit. His incredible intelligence and abilities in martial arts and swordsmanship makes Ra’s a formidable opponent, worthy the title of super villain.

9. Green Goblin

Copyright Marvel Comics
The Green Goblin was one of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery for many years. Responsible for the death of Gwen Stacy, he has been the bane of Spider-Man time and again. The Goblin has super strength and agility, as well as possessing a countless array of deadly devices. Many people have taken up the mantle of the Green Goblin, but is has recently come to light the original Green Goblin, Norman Osborn is alive and well, waiting to strike at Spider-Man and his allies.

10. Apocalypse

Copyright Marvel Comics
En Sabah Nur sees himself as the original mutant and therefore its rightful leader and ruler. Apocalypse is one of the world’s most powerful mutants, having the ability to change his molecular structure. He also appears to be immortal. In more than one alternate future, Apocalypse has ruled the earth. He continues toward this goal today, choosing the right time to awaken and reveal himself.

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