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An Introduction To Comic Book Characters



Every society has its heroes. Many are fictional, such as Paul Bunyan or Beowulf. Others are based on true people such as Moses, Saint Patrick, or Guy Falkes. Heroes inspire people with courage and help them to think that they can do extraordinary things as well. They help us dream of bigger and better things for our life, others, and this world.

Comic books tell the stories of those heroes. Many have been around for decades, such as the iconic Superman or the down to earth Spider-Man. These characters drive the stories we love and entertain us in a way like no other. Check out some more information about the heroes of comic books.


What would a superhero story be without the villains? Probably very boring. Without the villains in comic books the heroes wouldn’t have much conflict. They’d just be stopping crooks here and there, returning purses to old ladies, and rescuing kittens out of a tree, and who would want to read a comic book about that?

The villains of comic books take the stories that our heroes face to a whole different realm of possibilities. Now, here are beings with superpowers just like them and in some cases, they are even more powerful than their hero counterparts. If they fail, people’s lives are in danger, maybe even those of the ones they love. This adds the much needed conflict for an exciting story that compels readers to continue buying these comic books.

Many of us wouldn’t want to be a supervillain, but we sure like reading about them and seeing their over the top antics, such as the Joker, or the Green Goblin. Find out some more great information about the villains that add so much to the comic book story.


Sometimes, certain heroes and villains form an unusual bond with each other. The villain becomes fixated with destroying everything the hero loves or the hero vows to stop the villain at all costs. Certain villains are almost synonomous with certain heroes, such as Lex Luthor with Superman, or the Red Skull with Captain America.

These intense rivalries are known as archenemies. Two beings so opposed with each other that they will go to great lengths to defeat them. Sometimes, their own lives and goals become secondary to stopping the villain or ruining the hero. Read some information about the greatest archenemies in comic book history.

The Characters Of Comics:

There is an enormous amount of comic book characters out there, almost too many to count. The major comic book publishers have hundreds if not thousands of characters each, not to mention all the smaller publishers and creator-owned and self-published characters out there. Some may be familiar, while others may not. Check out some of the characters of those comic books below.

Up, Up, And Away!:

Without these heroes, villains, and their conflicts, comic books would not be very interesting. These larger than life characters are what have made comic books into such a viable art form that has lasted for nigh a hundred years. They have exploded from the pages of comic books and have landed in video games, movies, television, t-shirts, posters, action figures, and many other things that collectors and comic lovers can own and interact with to proudly show their allegiance to their favorite comic book characters.
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