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How To Share Your Comics Passion With Someone New


My kids have no choice....in the realm of being comics fan that is. I realize this as I'm putting my daughter to bed and get on her Justice League pull-up, her Supergirl PJ's, and sing her to sleep with the theme from Superman. I have comic book paraphernalia all over the place, watch comic book based cartoons and movies with regularity, and read them comics too boot at story time. My kids I can mold into comic book fans with ease, but how do you go about sharing your hobby with your friends, families, or loved ones? Let's find out.

Pick A Target

When sharing your passion of comics you need to have someone in mind. What do you know about that person? Do they have other interests that could tie into comic books? Do they like sci-fi, horror, or fantasy? Or are romance or action flicks their cup of tea? You need to know as much about the person you want to share your passion with so you can plan your attack.

Plan Your Attack

When sharing your love of all things comicdom, you need to approach your suggestions with their hobbies and tastes in mind and not your own. This way you can have a much better chance of scoring a hit with your comic suggestion. If they like horror, try The Walking Dead. If they are really into Sci-Fi, try Fear Agent. If Fantasy is their vein, try Fables. If romance is their thing, try Strangers in Paradise. There is a flavor of comic for just about every fan.

Tie It In

Comic book tie-ins are big business right now. Fans of Stephen King can treat themselves to comics based on The Dark Tower series. Fans of sci-fir writer Orson Scott Card can get comics based on Ender's Game. Comic book publishers are bringing all kinds of famous people to work on comics. Stars like Nicolas Cage, Guy Ritchie, John Woo, and Rosario Dawson have all created comic book works. If your target is a fan of these things and a comic exists, start with that.

Make Sure It's Good

There are a lot of good comic books. That being said there are also a lot of bad ones. Be sure to read the comic you want to give them first and make sure it is a good one. If it is a bad comic book, you run the risk of putting them off of comic books for good.

Don't Take Them To Your Comic Shop

At first, it might be a good idea to avoid taking them to your local comic shop. Most comic shops are filled to the brim and can be a very overwhelming place. Go yourself and buy them a comic or give them one from your collection. When their interest is piqued, then take them down and help them discover more comics in that line or genre. If you just try to throw them into it, it could easily become a negative experience.

Don't Be A Noob With The Newb

The term "noob" or "newb" can be thrown around when it comes to people just getting involved in something new. There is also a certain amount of attitude that is thrown at these people. We were all new to comics at one time, and your newly burgeoning comic book fan will have tons of questions. Do not give them attitude or make them feel stupid for having questions. Just because they don't know all about the Kree/Skrull Wars or the origin of Superman or anything else about comics for that matter is no reason to give them a hard time about it. Answer their questions with ease and care, helping them along their comic journey. The worst thing you can do right now is be critical.

In Conclusion

There are lots of ways one can damage a new comic book fan. As long as you treat them well and put your ego aside, I'm sure you can convert new people to comic books. Having friends is great. Having friends who read comics is even better.
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